OMG!!! The First Mini Lily!?!? I won it!!!

Mar 28, 2007
So I'm sitting here on a rainy day browsing ebay when I come across what appears to be the infamous Mini Lily!!!

I double, triple, quadruple check the pictures, measurements, Item # against the information I've seen here & against my own Whiskey Lily & I decide it must be the real thing....

So I threw caution to the wind & bid on it... & won it for $407!!! It's supposed to retail for $768!!!

Whatcha think?!
Mar 28, 2007
Wow! That's a beautful bag! Congrats on winning it, and for such an amazing price! I really love the smaller version....
I know, I've been contemplating selling my Lily because it really is just too heavy.. I also like the fact that the turnlock strap is decorative now.. on the big one it just seems to add to the clumsiness (or mine!)...

mary G

Oct 14, 2007
Could this be the Mini Lily that we have been lusting after do you think it is the camel color they said was going to be aval. in limited quanities?congrats.
Please let us know when you get it! You are so lucky!