OMG The Coach Outlet in Tilton

  1. OMG because their prices were absolutely UNBEATABLE. I'm posting from my laptop in the hotel (it's amazing here, by the way, beautiful Central New Hampshire... beautiful lodge, awesome lake, etc.)

    They had an unbelievable amount of stuff on sale at FORTY PERCENT off... Logo totes, hobos, hats, gloves (the "soho" gloves were the best at only 40 dollars after the discount!

    Gold logo wristlets for only $15!!! They'd make great gifts for friends... I got this EXACT BAG (in black) for FORTY SEVEN DOLLARS.

  2. OMG! $47!? Thats soo cheap! My mom just bought that same bag for my cousin but in khaki/mahogany for $87 at our outlet.
  3. Ohhh...that is awesome!! :yes: I wish I lived near an outlet.
  4. oh my gosh! i want to go to NH now!!!
  5. Holy cow!!! Great deal. Congrats!
  6. Congrats on your great deals!
  7. I think your outlet had better prices on that bag. I just got back from mine and they were 40% off $99.99 so they were about $60. The bleaker hobos were $109.99 plus and additional 40% off.

    I wonder why your outlet had them for so much cheaper?

    Congrats on the great deal!
  8. I wonder too, my outlet had no additional savings,:confused1: lots of merchandise, just nothing really great.​
  9. Tilton is my favorite outlet. Did they have any french framed purse legacy wallets ? The ones made for the full priced store not the outlet version Thanks
  10. wow congrats!!! :tup:
  11. SoxFan777 - wow great deals! Do you mind posting links of the other items at 40% off! I am very interested in seeing if I could purchase them but was wondering what they looked like or if you knew the name or style number.

    Thanks in advance!
  12. I just went today to my outlet and walked out empty handed. Nothing left was good, I guess I should've gone before valentines.
  13. do outlets tend to carry the same merchandise? I feel like some outlets always seem to have better selections/ deals than others...
  14. Hmmm... I usually don't get too much coach, I'm a gucci and burberry freak but I'll post some of the stuff I remember... I don't know what the "french frame legacy" is but if you post a pic I'll probably remember... I walked around the store about four times because the other deals were really great, too...

    I've also gone to the outlet in New York and I go to Wrentham all the time and yes, the deals in Tilton were much better. I wonder if it's the clientele? I bet that a lot of people from NYC go to the outlet in NY, and a lot of Boston and Cape Cod people (read: wealthier) go to Wrentham... that's my guess at least.

    Anyway, I'll post some of the other stuff I saw in a sec (off to search the website, I don't know style names or numbers, sorry!)
  15. WOW awesome deals!!! $47! you can't beat that!