OMG! The bank gave someone tomorrow's LV money!!

  1. Today i went into the bank (Wachovia) and i made a deposit of a few thousand dollars for my shopping trip tomorrow and when i went to check the balance tonight the deposit wasnt there!!! so i took my slip out and it was posted to some stranger's account!!! so now someone is sitting with my money probably spending it and the bank wont do anything until 1:30 tomorrow. what am i supposed to do!?!?!?
  2. Not much you can do at this point until they transfer the money back...
  3. omg!! well all you CAN do is wait for the bank to pursue any actions...because theres nothing you can do about this. but i wish you alot of luck on that!!! i bet they will get it back for you. a few thousand is alot of money to be lost.
  4. i just got a call... and the money was transfered into my teller's account.. fraud!
  5. ^oh my goodness, thats terrible, i hope you get everything sorted out!
  6. Yikes, that is scary! Keep us posted and good luck!
  7. wow, im really shocked someone would do that but good thing you kept your receipt because without it you would have been royaly screwed
  8. wow that sucks! I hope everything gets resolved pronto!
  9. omg i cant believe this, idk what to think accident or intentional?
  10. Yeah, I hope it was an accident, but it does seem odd that is went into the teller's account!
  11. Wow that sucks!
    Hope everything gets sorted quickly!
  12. i could see the guy before me or something but her account? from now on im using the ATM 100%
  13. hmm.. shady teller.. either way, I hope you get your money back quick.
  14. I am a Bank Teller and if this happened at my bank all we would have to do is correct the transaction out , we normally would never make anyhone wait until the nexy day , The teller is a little shady if it got in her account , Did you fill your own deposit ticket out or did she fill it out herself?
  15. at the bank i go to you give them your check card which has proven to be good for a year