OMG! The '04 Clutch is huge! (Comparison pics)

  1. Just for fun I have shown how huge the '04 clutch is compared to the city! Have a look!!!!
    DSC02048.JPG DSC02049.JPG DSC02052.JPG
  2. holy cow, zacorey-girl, is that what i just bought myself?!?! :wtf::nuts::p

    p.s. are those 2 drool-worthy lilac's yours?!?!
  3. WOW!!!! Lilac is such a pretty color.:nuts: Hmmmm I am loving your lilac city.
  4. Yes~ you got the turquoise~ same as my lilac clutch!!!!

    The clutch is mine not the city.
  5. Sadly the city is not mine! But I love to look at it!
  6. The clutch is humongous! :wtf:
  7. Zacorey has seen a lilac 04 auction days ago and has bought the bag .... For me
  8. :wtf: That is one huge clutch. Beautiful color!!!:drool:
  9. That is pretty big! Thanks for the comparo!
  10. Wow, that Lilac is so pretty!! :drool:

    hehe I was totally surprised by the size of the clutch (I have the turquoise). It is HUGE!
  11. OMG! that is HUGE!!!!
    sooo pretty!
  12. lol, it's bigger than i thought it was, can you post pictures?!?! :tender:
  13. OMG! I didn't realize they were so BIG! Beautiful color tho :yes:
  14. man that is huge!!! why???
  15. Wow I love it. I looks so useful!