OMG Teal Shoe bag from Donna

  1. What is going on, she is unloading her Balenciagas~~~!!! But that means good deal for us cuz we get to check them out...:p Good luck Donna!!!
  2. Thanks much! Slowly but surely all my boobies, etc. are making their way to new homes!
  3. :crybaby:she doesn't ship international:crybaby:
  4. awww haute dont cry! I'll ship to the UK for you!
  5. Thanks for thinking of me FX :love: I already got mine :p
  6. I got it!! Thanks, Donna. ^ Now we have twin shoe bags, slinks. What color is yours?
  7. Congrats Rocksteady, :yahoo: Teal is awsome.:drool:
  8. Mine's also Teal! We can be triplets with Firstclass:love: .
    Congrats on your purchase Rock :yahoo: If I'm not mistaken, you will have Mimi's old shoe bag - she sold it to CityChris, and Donna bought it from her. It's a piece of TPF history ;) .
  9. I love how these bags get around. It's like they have adventurous lives all their own. Triplets, that's cool! ;)