about DEALS on BURBERRY!!!

  1. I stopped at the outlet in Michigan City, IN and OMG...I have NEVER seen ANYTHING like it before - up to 75% off! You'd think you were at a store closing sale!!! HA! HA! I bought a rain coat - with the yellow w/the Burberry plaid interior......retailed for close to $695 - well, it was marked down to $49 - with an addl 30% off! Out the door - under $37 - TOO GOOD OF A DEAL TO PASS UP! I'll post photos eventually....if you are in the area of an outlet - check it out, guess the sale is good through the month of July! Happy shopping!!!
  2. Oh my!! That is such a wonderful deal! I can't wait to see pics. Congrats on a great deal!!
  3. Wow, amazing price. A friend of mine was in the outlet in Buffalo & the deals were not that great, I wonder if it is just that location
  4. that's an amazing deal! are there anything else worth mentioning? do they do charge send?
  5. okay now I have no excuse to not go to the Burberry outlet that just opened. Well... my only excuse is Harry Potter is coming out so I will have no contact with the outside world for a couple days lol... after that, I'll go.
  6. Wow Thats a great deal.Congrats
  7. That is a fantastic deal! Talk about being in the right place at the right time. You certainly couldn't pass up such a great price!
  8. wow wish I was in the area, would like to check out the sale.
  9. I am not sure if it is specific to this Burberry outlet location or not? I doubt it, you can always call them and see if they charge-send - they had so much, it was really over bearing!!!! But that's fine, I had to buy something - HA! HA! I will post photos shortly!
  10. was it an outlet? they don't do chargesends in outlets.
  11. Oh post pictures! Would love to see your new raincoat. That is a fabulous deal.
  12. Too bad I don't live in Michigan City any more:crybaby: Oh well, maybe I can talk my Mom into swinging by the store:graucho:
  13. Awesome Deals!!!! I live no where near an outlet-but I would love to see/hear what other deals are there!
  14. holy.......lucky girl!!
  15. oh wow!! what a deal!! congrats