OMG!!! Talk about a Deal! I Can't Believe I Got This Lucky!


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Sep 13, 2006
So my SA at Nordstroms called me yesterday to tell me that the RM in elephant had been returned and was available for $309. Did I want it? I decided to pass on it, but asked her to hold it in case another Pfer wanted it. I then posted it in the Deals & Steals thread.

So today, my daughter & I went in so that I could pickup my MJ Silvana (gorgeous bag! check my MJ post!). The elephant bag had been put back on the sale table and I asked my daughter if she was interested. She wasn't sure but was going to think about it.

My SA then told me she had the Glazed Espresso Matinee in the back because she was thinking about getting it. She asked me if I wanted to show it my daughter - I told her that I didn't want to take anything away from her, and she insisted on getting it. Now, I already have the Glazed Espresso MA and love that bag - when she brought it our from the back she decided to double check the price to make sure it was still $309 - well....

She said "Uh-oh, the bag's been "Racked" - it's not supposed to be on the floor." I asked her what that means, and she says it means that the bag's supposed to be sent to the Nordstrom Rack and isn't really supposed to be sold - but if I wanted it, I could have it for that price. I asked "What price?" She said the price on the screen - $159.97!!!!!

Yes - Yes -Yes!!! She didn't have to ask me twice! My daughter ended up really liking the bag, so I bought it for her (of course, I may use it occasionally! ;);))

Like I said, I already this color in the MA - but the Matinee is gorgeous!!! It's got this olive green colored suede at the ends that really offsets the glazed espresso. I thought $309 was a deal - but $159 - I never get that lucky!!!!!!


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Oct 15, 2007
OMG! What an amazing deal. You're really lucky. I so wanna drive south of the border to check out a Nordstrom Rack right now.

When I went to a Nordstrom Rack in Seattle two weeks ago, the only decent bags on the floor were some Coach bags which didn't interest me at all. If only had I found an RM with that amazing price, I wouldn't have come home empty handed.