OMG! Swatches of LPs FALL COLORS!!! **PIC** (Thanks Stormy)

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  1. STORMY!!! Thank you SOOOO MUCH for posting this delicious photo of LPs New Fall Colors :woohoo:!!! I can't get over how gorgeous they all are :drool: :drool: :drool:!

  2. You're welcome dear Sep, can you blow up Meg's croc Dylan pics to show those colors here ? Please, TIA.( Guess we needed a swatch thead eh)
  3. Oh yes!!

    LP Fall Croc Hobos photo Courtesy of Megs and Vlad :ty:

  4. Do we think the very top (big) red swatch is the brand new 'Crimson' Dylan line?! :graucho::graucho: I hope so, I have two pieces arriving tomorrow from the line!
  5. ^^ I hope so too!!! PLEASE post pics as soon as it arrives!
  6. Big one is Cherry. Crimson is next to it, on the chain. It's very nice ! Cherry would be way too much on a larger bag IMO.
  7. They look like the exact same color don't you think? Is cherry new for fall as well or is it a comparison color? Thanks

  8. Cherry and Iron are there for comps. Cooper told us the new grey is taupey, so I made sure to place it next to a true grey. Cherry is a neutral red, so she's in there. They are very close; Crimson is a teeny bit deeper than cherry. It will be gorgeous on your long speedy !
  9. oh, i like that fuchsia (big swatch on the left).
  10. love the fuschia and the light brown!
  11. Is the one on the bottom that looks light brown the "grey" on the new Danielles???
    It def doesn't look grey, but it is nice!
  12. OMG- why did i open this thread.... help me and my wallet please
  14. :wtf:

  15. Wow! They all are incredible!