OMG! Stupid Nordstrom charged my CC w/o calling me to confirm purchase!

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  1. Ladies, I am very upset and pissed. I put my name down on Nordy Seattle waitlist in April for the Burgundy 2.55 tote. Then I think in June they called me about it when shipment came and I already told them I am no longer interested no thank you. Guess what?? I just received an auto email from Nordy saying they have changed my CC tonight and the bag will arrive next Tue!!

    NO SA called me to confirm the purchase today (I gave them my CC number back in april as they required me to if I really wanted the bag). No SA called me even after they charged my card to FYI your card has been charged and we are shipping your bag!!!

    What should I do now? Can I reject the package so that UPS will ship it back to Nordy Seattle? I know stupid Nordy does not allow me to return the bag at my local Nordy as my local Nordy doesn't have Chanel. If I wanna return it to the closest Nordy that carries Chanel that will be like 2 hours drive!!!


    I am gonna call Nordy Seattle 1st thing tomorrow to scream at the stupid SA!!! Should I also call my CC to dispute the charge!~!!????
  2. I'm Canadian, so I can't help but I just wanted to say that this is the stupidest, most annoying thing I've heard. You don't need the aggravation of having to return this bag.
  3. no customer relationship at all! Moron!
  4. Sorry to hear that this has happened to you.

    This incident happened to me before. The bag was sent from a NM SA who happened to just charge my card and sent the bag to me without confirming the purchase with me first. I was mad when I get the package from FedEx. :mad:

    After returning the bag to its original NM, I sent the Coperate the complaint letter explaining this SA's wrongdoing. :rtr: :rtr:

    Yeah! I was so frustrated! :rant:

    I promise myself not to step foot in that Chanel boutique in that NM ever again.
  5. ^so in your case did you refuse the delivery? Or did you actually need to pay for shipping and ship it back to NM? I may write a complaint letter as well!
  6. I received the bag but when I returned it, I asked for a full refund which included the shipping charge.

    I actually drove to that NM to return the bag because that stupid SA didn't include the receipt in the package. :cursing: I was afraid that no one would take the bag back because of the lack of the original receipt, I went there myself to show them the origin shipping label to confrim that the bag was sent to me from that NM.

    It was really a hassle! :rant:

    I hope your case will get resloved soon. :hugs:
  7. wa that IS really stupid & annoying!! that SA sure know how to piss a customer off!
    i hope they didn't max out your credit limit -that you won't be able to reverse if they hurt your credit rating since it was an unexpected purchase ..

    anyway, I have no experience with this but maybe its better you have it under ur possession then to reject the package since you are already charged with it..
    and u shouldn't have to drive 2hrs just to return the stupid darn thing, I am sure you can argue your way to have Nordstorm to pay for that shipping back to them

    GL hun!
  8. I purchased a reissue from Nordstrom MOA in December last year. I was able to return the bag at Nordstrom Santa Anita (Arcadia), which doesn't have a Chanel department. Maybe you can call them up and see if they will take your return?
  9. I'm sorry this happens to you. I think a complain to the corporate is a good idea. This is just bad customer service.

    I returned a Chanel from that Seattle store to my local store once. They couldn't do the return but they did ship it back to me free of charge.
  10. It's annoying they do that without letting you know, especially since you had mentioned you were no longer interested. You CAN return to your local Nordies even though it doesn't carry Chanel. I have done it before with absolutely no problem. Once they just sent it back for me and i was credited when the other store received the bag. Another time they just did the return right there. I don't know why the 2 different policies but either way was no hassle. Nordies really has the best return policy.
  11. I've been able to return CHANEL at my local Nordstrom here in San Diego and they do not carry CHANEL.
  12. If you just refuse the package, it goes back to the sender (the store). You can call this store and let them know they shipped without your permission, that you will refuse the package, and they can reverse the charge. No hassle.

    If you accept the package, it will become your job to return it. Just refuse it.
  13. ^^ be careful with return to sender, im not sure how nordies operates but I did that one time with bag borrow steal. i refused it assuming it would go back to the shipping place. it did not. it went back to bbs corporate in seattle and i had to wait for them to ship it back to wisconsin (shipping warehouse) b4 I got my refund. huge hastle.

    hikaru, sorry about your circumstances, i have had excellent service from nordies can return it to any nordies...i have done it b4 no problems.
  14. I think it's ok to refuse it. Even if you don't, they will probably send you a free label for ups or dhl and arrange a pickup, since it was their fault.
  15. Hi there! I'm sorry you're in this situation. I'm pretty sure you are able to return it to your closest nordies. They'll just be a pain but you are able to return!