OMG, stunning brand new '06 black city $529 BIN *THIS IS FAKE, PLEASE BE AWARE*

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  1. Hmmmm are you sure that's authentic Aaa? Cause some things look off to me... She must have changed the tassels on the inside pocket cause they are REALLY long. Also the circular rings on the zips look a little big, and the relative size and placement of the studs on the small center piece of leather on the front look really wrong for an '06 city... No?
  2. I don't know bama.......:wondering
  3. Oh well nevermind. Somebody BIN already.
  4. I'd like to hear other opinions, but I'm afraid it's not authentic.:s
  5. Plus no secured method of payment offered. No Paypal...

    Good luck to the winner.
  6. :sad:

    Definitely fake. I noticed this seller the other day when they sold a fake Work. The leather looks plastic but I gotta hand it to 'em on the tag. That's the best tag I've seen on a fake, granted it's not super clear. Of course, the Work DOES NOT HAVE a silver tag, but they tried!

    If someone here bought it, don't pay!
  7. oh wow thank god I didnt' BIN.. I was going to but then I went out to buy some tacos to eat and it's gone... I hope the winner will not pay!!!!!
  8. oh nooooooooooooooooooo, i'm so sorry gals :hysteric:...the tag looked perfect to me & i thought the leather looked nice...guess i've still got alot to learn when comes to weeding out the fakes :sad:
  9. It seemed a little suspect that they didn't post a picture of the shoulder strap either...and it's so easy to take a clear photo of the tag, that I won't bid on ANY auction that has a blurry tag now. It just seems to me that those sellers are trying to get away with something. All the reputable sellers are VERY good about posting clear photos of the right details.
  10. ^Yeah there's a lot of suspicious things about that listing. Even if they were using pics of an auth bag, I'd be weary. Plus, I have never seen any Balenciaga leather that looks like that... :confused1: That can't be chevre leather right? It looks like cheap cowhide leather to me.
  11. Cheap prices always put me off...
  12. Bama, it happens! I looked at the Work listing over and over because of that tag but I knew the leather was off. I'm still confused about the tag. The circle thingy looks nice and small and close to the N and the font looks okay from what I can see. I'd assume they stole a pic but it's clearly on the same bag, which I can tell because of the leather (it looks like vinyl to me). Hmmmmm. The other thing is that she has Marc Jacobs bags for sale and one of them has plastic wrap on the handle. :yucky:
  13. Don't worry, aaallabama. Everybody does it. I even did a BIN on a bag before I realized it was fake.