OMG Stripe Coin ON Ebay

  1. i love it !!! i want one too!!
  2. Wow, I saw that this morning and it was in the 60s.
  3. I want one too, but I will never pay almost 3 times retail....I am kicking myself for not getting it when I saw it a week before xmas...My loss!!
  4. damn! is this not found in stores/online anymore or something?
  5. I was so about to post about this! Not that auction but that I was looking for one. Guess I'll find something else, instead. :lol What did it retail for?
  6. 58.00 dollars...that seller must be in heaven!!

  7. lol $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  8. my goodness, i'm glad i didnt have to pay that much!
  9. Wow, guess people really want it. I agree I would spend that money on something else other than that (even though it's cute)

  10. I agree...I'd spend my money on something else. It's cute....but I don't know about $152.00 cute.
  11. Isn't there one in the new catalog on the last page? Is there any difference between the old one and the one in the catalog? I'd like one but not for that price!
  12. The colors are different.
  13. Good grief! I have this key pouch and I like it and all but for that price I'd consider selling mine on eBay.
  14. Does anyone have the numbers so I can see it on the drilldown or a pic of it? Thanks! I'm just curious about the difference.

    ETA: Never mind. The eBay link is up above! Duh.