OMG ! Still hyperventilating !!!

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  1. :choochoo::happydance::rochard::drinks::drinkup::party:

    that's fantastic nat! ahhhhhhhhh can't wait to see pics of them when they arrive in the mail. pleasepleaseplease post a gazillion pictures of them, they're just so gorgeous looking! :drool: i love the light fluffy looking "flowers" and well just the PINK colour of those heels! so dressy and feminine!
  2. Congratulations!! they are gorgeous :yes:

  3. thank u so much ladies ! oooh am so happy ! :yahoo: trust me i will probably even put them on my head and post pics of it when they arrive :nuts: now i have to get a nice dress to go with the shoes ....
    and im just after ordering a mini dolly set off dior online ...phew :supacool: *tries to stay cool but jumps with joy inside * !!!!
  4. YAY!!!!!! I'm so glad that you finally found those beautiful shoes in your avatar in your size! The silk/organza Egyptian flowers look so beautiful, and you'll look like a goddess in those!!!!!
  5. wow! those are some hot heels!
  6. So adorable and super hot! And totally sex in the city!
  7. Incredible. They are so gorgeous I'd hate to walk on them!:love:
  8. lolo ReRe ! :roflmfao: of course i wont be walking on them ! i will either lie on a sofa and look gorgeous or have someone carry me around so that nothing happens to them! :heart: :nuts: :heart:
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    I'm holding your word for it nat! i'm expecting the shoes on your head. hehehe. i kid!

    i think the mini dolly set + shoes would look like a fantastic combination. just like the s&m heels + jeanne clutch (which you know you want to get). ;) :graucho:
  10. don't forget your harem of solely dior-clad skinny french boys, i'm sure they can carry you around. :yes:
  11. OMG! Gorgeous shoes. Congrats!
  12. phew ! picking up my s/m heels on MONDAY ( if they fit ) !!!!! :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts: isnt March the most fantabulous month of the year so many goodies? :wlae: now i only need to fedex my dior boiz from France to Ireland:graucho:

    zero u know who u are girl for pushing me about the clutch :lecture: hihi
  13. :yahoo::yahoo:THAT'S FABULOUS NAT! the egypt flowers coming in the mail along with the mini dolly set and now the s&m heels on monday! it's like a dior christmas casbah in march!

    hhehe, *cowers*, please don't thwack me. ;) those s&m heels are definitely turning you into a dominatrix :p
  14. so cute, great buy. I love dior shoes