OMG! *squeeeee!*

  1. Okay, so, as everyone can tell by my signature, my grail scarf is "Cosmos" by Ledoux. It's so beautiful :tender: :girlsigh:

    Well, there was one on eBay in my favorite colorway-- the midnight blue one-- and I bid on it for a bit, but had to drop out because I'm being a good girl and saving for my Herbag (I'm sooooo close!!). So I got an email the day it ended... and the "RAOK Grail Scarf Fairy" got it! She said she couldn't bear to see a reseller get it for such a low price, and that she was up to her ears in scarves and sending it my way!


    Ahem. Sorry. I'm okay now.

    It arrived today!!!!

    RAOK Grail Scarf Fairy, I can't thank you enough. You're incredible and I'm undeserving. :heart: :love:




    It's in PERFECT condition and it's BEAUTIFUL! I've never seen a piece of artwork like this. I'm a graphic artist, so when I got back to work, I took it out and showed it to my coworkers, and even they were just like "Whoa." Now I just have to find a box to keep it in! I'll take some modeling pics later tonight, I'm at work now. This is my first big H scarf... and the beginning of an addiction!
  2. Wow! What a super present! Did you notice that it's jacquard too? The little starse weaved into the pattern? You're very lucky to have it! Congratulations!
  3. What a kind and thoughtful gesture. Your RAOK gifter must be one hell of a woman!
  4. It's AMAZING, Hello! When you hold it up to the light you can see all the little stars woven into it when you have it at different angles. The workmanship is incredible! :tender: :girlsigh:
  5. Wow, what an incredibly nice thing to do. Congrats!
  6. OMG! Well congrats! I am so happy you got it! I know how much you love it! Any time you can get a Grail is a happy, happy day!

    YAY! RAOK Grail Scarf Fairy!
  7. OH, WOW, RBB! That is an AMAZING RAOK Fairy and a GORGEOUS scarf! Congrats!
  8. That is so beautiful! Congratulations!
  9. OMG - that is the nicest gesture! What an unbelievable RAOK Grail Scarf Fairy you have!!
  10. Yay, RAOK Fairy! what a lovely thing to do and congrats razorbackbelle!
  11. WOW! Your grail scarf and it's a gift!!!! What a terrific scarf fairy!
  12. WOW! What a wonderful scarf fairy and sweet gesture! Congrats and enjoy her for many years to come!
  13. That is such a thoughtful gesture! Beautiful scarf!
  14. wow :nuts: what a great scarf fairy :girlsigh: :heart:
  15. ^^ITA. What a wonderful gift from a wonderful person. Wear it in good health.