OMG soooooo excited

  1. I know this is a little wild but Im so excited about upcoming lines in the future, maybe unusual bags with cartoons on them or new vernis or other materials. Im so excited..even if it happens in like 2020 haha lol. Anyone else feel like this ??
  2. haha i just pictured homers face on a lv bag! funny hahaha but cute designs wuld be cool
  3. we never know what LV has got to offer us in the future and isnt that a great thing ??...I love being suprised :smile:
  4. I would love to see future lv bags.
  5. i get excited over the thought of what they will come up with next too!
    im a huge cerises fan and that will be hard to top in my opinion but im sure they will.
  6. Lol... Steve, you are cute..! :p
  7. I am also a huge, Cerise fan. I also adore the CB line and the groom, I love little icons. I hope to see more of this in the future as LV does it so tastefully.
  8. You aren't the only one!!! I'm hoping LV will do something with sailing or something!!! I want a freakin' vachetta Anchor like the Panda Cles!!! :p
  9. thankyou :flowers:...Im just so excited lol :nuts::p
  10. john you are genius. that would be so cute. i can just imagine a cles with a little yacht on it. maybe a pochette with an anchor and a bag with a yacht on it too.