OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! something is in the air

  1. :wtf:I think I might like a mono bag!!! Thats right, me who was anti monogram for years. I love damier, mini lin was my first LV bag, I always said I would never get a mono bag, hated the LV's and ughhh vachetta, but I have fallen in love with the beverly mm, it is so beautiful. A true classic bag, love the hardware. I really love this bag, but what happens when the vachetta turns brown , I dont think I would like it to be a dark patina. I could always store it when not in use. I am broke now but when I get money I wanted to get the neo cabby mm, but the beverly has been on my mind :nuts:. Enable me plz lol:nuts:
  2. The Beverly is a gorgeous monogram of the nicest looking ones for sure....GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  3. The Beverly is beautiful!! Get it!!
  4. The Beverly is SO cute!!!
  5. I love the Beverly MM. It is absolutely gorgeous.
  6. The Beverly is a great bag. I would highly consider it... Classic monogram bags are classics.
  7. The Beverly is such an elegant bag. Get it get it. Then come back and show us pics so we can drool.
  8. Love the Beverly, but I'm like you..not sure how it will look with patina.
  9. Def. get the Beverly!!! It's a gorgeous bag!!!!
  10. I have the Beverly MM and ADORE it (yes I broke down & got it :p)! I say go for it! :yes:
  11. I love love love the beverly!!!!!!!
  12. The monogram bug finally bit you huh? It happens to all of us... they are gorgeous aren't they?
  13. GO GET IT !!!!!!!

    so , is that working!!!:dothewave::party:
  14. The Beverly is my favourite mono's sooo classy but looks great with casual wear too. I've had mine for a little over a month and received tons of compliments on it and people always seem to stare when I walk by. Holds a decent amount of things (fits my medium agenda, which is great) and is a super comfortable bag to wear!!
  15. what a great choice! beverly is a beautiful bag!!!