OMG! someone stole my pictures and copied my exact listing on ebay!

  1. I'm so upset right now. I have a Chloe Blanc Paddy up for sale on ebay and someone from china stole my pictures and my exact listing word for word!! I feel so upset. UGH. I hope ebay pulls the listing soon and I should really learn how to watermark my pictures. :sad: :mad:
  2. That's so frustrating! Hopefully it will come down fast. I had someone do that same thing while my listing was still running. Creeps.
  3. were you the one someone posted this same thing about a couple of days ago?

  4. i don't understand. no one accused me of stealing their listing or photos because i never do. why are you asking me this?
  5. I would contact the seller and demand that they remove your photos immediately. And notify eBay, as well. I think Swanky meant that someone else had this same problem recently.
  6. this happened to me once too with my Ted Lapidus sunglasses.
    I was BESIDE myself!

    eBay didn't do a thing about it :sad:
  7. Oh... I'd be so peeved!!! You should really do something about that and contact the seller and ebay. That is so uncool!
  8. OH, that is just so frustrating! I hope ebay does the right thing and pulls down that auction. So sorry you are going through this!
  9. you know even the watermarked photos are being stolen, so it doesn't matter :sad:
  10. Oh no, sweetsparkle! I'm so sorry to hear this! I hope eBay will do something. Winona, I saw that about your sunglasses and yeah, eBay is really awful at this, even with complaints they don't seem to take action. An auction of a choco paddy I was watching (this was a few mths ago) had their pics stolen by another person. I emailed the original seller who reported to eBay but nada! Nothing happened whatsoever. How appalling!:mad:

    :flowers: Sweetsparkle.. fingers crossed for you. Hope you will get a good outcome!!
  11. The frustrating thing is that they copied my whole listing too. But thankfully ebay removed their listing. You should have seen the person's feedback....there was 10 and it was 100% positive but I believe the person did it him or herself because it was all from 0 feeback users that were no longer registered. And that person stole other people's auction horrifying!

    and swankymamaof3 - sorry for the misunderstanding. i must have been crazy and read it wrong! :sad:
  12. Oh phew! Thank goodness the listing was removed! Good to hear eBay is not completely rubbish. Yeah, that person sounds shady alright. I've seen some ppl with that kinda FB before, ack!
  13. thats so stink... i'm totally stoked that a PF member has showed us how to watermark pics... sweetsparkle i hope everything gets sorted out! ***hugs***
  14. that totally sucks....I hate ebay.....