omg someone save me T_T

  1. T_T okay so you know how sometimes if you paint your nails a dark color and you swipe it on paper, the nail polish actually comes off on the paper??? GAWD I DONT KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN!! but i hope you guys have an idea of what im talking about

    so last night i painted my nails RED and right now i looked at my speedy azur handles and there is a mark that is RED!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt touch my bag until this morning so i know my nails werent wet when i touched the handles.. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    i bought those alcohol free moist wipes and i dabbed it once and the area got DARK! it dried but i can't get the rid of the RED MARK!!!!!!!!

    can someone please help me??????

    should i use the magic eraser instead? OMG im screaming and want to cry. even my brother tried to help me clean it but he dabbed it once and just walked far away from my bag~!

    please help! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. I would try some nail polish remover, you can't make it much worse then it already is...
  3. I don't have any advice, but I'm sorry that happened. Maybe take it LV and see about having it cleaned. Or maybe some nail polish remover. See what others say. Maybe they have some ideas on how to take off the stain without destroying your bag.
  4. I would try a plain old eraser or magic eraser before the nail polish remover. I'm worried that the polish remover would be too harsh.
  5. Definitely take to an LV boutique, or at least call the 866 #. Good luck!
  6. eek. id recommend you take it to a LV boutique and see what advice they give you.
  7. Try the magic eraser!!! I wouldn't use nail polish remover....that stuff is horrible!!
  8. Sorry, nail polish is a no-no,oops. You might have to replace those handles, or live with it and let the patina darken around it.
  9. Idem
  10. Try using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You'll need to dab over the spot several times. Just be patient.
  11. I would definitely call and ask them what you should do. I'd never use nail polish remover on vachetta! Good luck! BTW, I understand what you're saying about the nail color transfer onto paper. I once swiped a looong mark down a patient's chart - it's still there!! :shocked:
  12. Magic eraser!!! OMG, I wouldn't even try the nail polish remover.
  13. Your poor bag. All I can suggest is taking it to LV like others have said.
    Know what you mean about the nail polish - leaves marks on paper etc all the time.:push:
  14. Don't ever use nail polish remover! Oh my. It's just for your nails ~ right? Not clothing or leather ~ whew.
  15. Oh No! :shocked:

    Definitely do not use the nail polish remover as it may just damage the leather even worse.

    I would try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ..... if that doesn't work call a Louis Vuitton Boutique and ask for some advice.

    Good Luck! :flowers: