which should I keep of the two??

  1. #1 w/the hair thing on front & back

  2. #2 w/the raised speck on the back

  3. #3 return them both and fuh-get about it! ;)

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  1. So most if not all of you know about my stupid heart purse hair/string/lint issue...........well I was able to get another one but now this one has something small and raised on the back of it and two very tiny lint pieces stuck under the coating as well. The other one w/the hair was not raised but it was on the front & back of the heart purse and alot longer than the other one's two tiny pieces of lint. So which one should I keep?? The other will either be returned or ebayed or BURNED!!

    I am so frustrated!!

    okay I was finally able to take pics............would you keep the first one w/the hair or whatever it is on the front and back or the raised whatever that is just on the back???

    here are some pics of the first one:
    hp1a.jpg hp1b.jpg hp1c.jpg hp1d.jpg
  2. here are pics of the second one:
    hp2a.jpg hp2b.jpg
  3. Im sorry Tracy but I have to be honest and I would not keep any of them, they both have faults and its alot of money for something with faults, the raised speck one isnt as bad as the other but its still a fault. If you list on eBay you may lose money because of the faults so I would return. But is there no way to locate another one ?. Im sorry about this
  4. Yea I was the first one to vote :biggrin:, btw I voted "fug-get about it".
  5. someone PLEASE tell me if I'm just being too picky, I mean I know sometimes I can be a total PITA but come-on, for $400 this stupid little impractical thing should be perfect, RIGHT??
  6. I dont think the 2nd one is tooo bad
    the first one with the hair- you DEFINITELY should return

    I voted keep #2
  7. By NO means are you being picky, $400 is crazy for this, as much as I love it. But you should not have to deal with faulty items.
  8. You should return them both! I agree with Socialite, you are spending $400 each for these, and they should be in perfect, impeccable condition! There is no way you are being picky, I mean if the first one is a hair...eew! I really would not want that one. And the second one, you could feel the defect in it. Return them both and buy something else or find one elsewhere. You only deserve the best! :tup:
  9. If it's bothering you now, it will always bother you down the line! So I'd just return it and keep trying to find another Pomme ... sorry Sweetie!

    How about the other colors ... you only like the Pomme?
  10. i would return both of them. if yur gonna pay 400 dollars for something that isnt even that useful ( but is totally TDFFF [: ) i would get the one yu want. 8) hope that helps

    ps. yur pic is so pretty 8)
  11. I would return both of them and look for another if you really have to have the heart. $400 is a lot to spend on something that has a defect that bothers you.
  12. Send them both back. You know you want to!
  13. I'm so sorry you keep getting these messed up hearts.

    However, I'd return both because it should be flawless for how much its worth.
  14. ok so about 2 weeks ago, I bought a new vernis pochette cles in amarante and got this heart in pomme.

    Well I was able to find at one of my local stores a cles in pomme and a heart in amarante.

    So I think I am going to go swap my two out for those other two since I don't just want to get the heart in amarante when I already have the cles in it, I'd like two different colors of vernis pieces.

    I'm kinda disappointed as I REALLY wanted the heart in red but any color will do at this point!

    I seriously want to just cry then scream or scream then cry........I have wasted about $35 in shipping fees trying to get these two as it is. Too bad LV doesn't refund for shipping for defective products. Guess that'll teach me to order from another store other than purchasing it in person from my local stores.

    Someone please smack me (see below) if I ever say I'm gonna order something again from another store!!

    :lecture: :bagslap: :noggin:
  15. i would return them as paying thta muhc money...i expect it to be PERFECT..:tup::graucho: