OMG, someone please console me! My lil' Gucci shopping spree!

  1. As you see in my signature below I am suppose to be on a "shopping ban" until summer. WELL, I just blew it BIG TIME!! :sweatdrop:

    I just HAD TO HAVE the Gucci medium messanger bag for my upcoming vaca, so I just COULDN'T wait until this summer!! The store closest to my house had one left so they are shipping it to me as we speak. :wlae:

    But then, it get's worse!! I've been DROOLING over the Gucci "Minerva" flat sandal and they are NOWHERE to be found in my size... PERIOD! Well, my friend Mr. Neiman Marcus called and they found one pair in my size at the Boston store! :yahoo: They are on their way!

    :shame: Somebody PLEASE tell me I am not going to :devil: .

    (Aye, but think how nice they will look when I go to LA, Palm Springs, and Vegas in late Spring :yes: )

    Here are my two purchases:

    (PS: these are my first two Gucci purchases EVER!! Well besides sunnies, eyeglasses, and perfume )

  2. Congrats! They will be perfect for using on your vacation!
  3. cute sandals!!!
  4. Ok, I'll be the one to tell you...You are NOT going to :devil:

    And they are ideal for your trip.
  5. hehe, amazing bags!!! Even better, what an adorable doggie!! And thank goodness I am not alone. :p
  6. congrats and enjoy your goodies on your vaca!
  7. love, love, love, the sandals. Congrats on your new gucci handbag. You'll love it.
  8. You had no choice. It was a necessary evil! Congrats on your new purchases:yes:
  9. I want that messenger bag too!!!! Ohh have fun with it!!
  10. :beach: Well I'm in hell right now but it's not that bad..I'm surrounded by my handbags and my Saks bill keeps bursting into flames....Puuuuuuuurrrrfect!!!!!!

    Your purchases are beauties!!!! There is nothing like having some bling to look forward to wearing on a trip!!! Congrats!!! Wish I was going with you...but for now...stuck in hell...I'll be here when you gt back too so check in...I have a Chanel coming at the end of the week:graucho:
  11. great purchase i wish i had small feet so i could wear those sandals. i love them!
  12. umm, small feet NOT required. I am 5'11 and have a SIZE 11 shoe. It seems like I got the last pair of 11's left in the continental US. :lol:
  13. be happy you have great stuff and are going to look great on your vacation. Enjoy and pay later lol
  14. love the sandals, congrats