OMG, somebody stop me! Just bought another Botkier: ink Sophie satchel

  1. This will be my third small Sophie satchel. Yeah, I *kind* of like this bag...;):heart::yes:
  2. Pics or it didn't happen. :p
  3. Ink is such a gorgeous color too!

    Congrats! And I second the pics....please!
  4. It should be here by Saturday (fingers crossed), and I'm leaving on vacation on Sunday, so I will try to post pics before then!
  5. Stop immediately. And send the ink Sophie to me. :graucho: I am here to help you with your problem.

    lol seriously, great bag, totally understand your obsession.
  6. Ink is a stunning color. I'm sure it's going to be gorgeous!

    Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  7. I have the bag in black and love it so no worries about having three! I wish I did!
  8. Yea! I have it in're gonna love it!
  9. Thanks everyone! VPS, I wish I had it in black instead of ink, but I have enough black bags, but no blue bags. (See me struggling with the "but black goes with everything" mentality!)
  10. I also just wanted to add that I love how lightweight the Sophie is, and how the straps are long and elegant (and adjustable)!
  11. I know the feeling! I keep trying to break out of my black bag 'rut' but have come to realize that it's what I wear most so despite my best efforts, I keep buying black.:smile::sad: ( As you can see, I'm conflicted). Enjoy the's gorgeous!!!
  12. How much does it hold? Do you have interior pics? I love this bag, but I think I need the tote to hold all my stuff. I should be getting my Cairo small satchel tomorrow - very similar to the Sophie tote.
  13. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics.
  14. Their bags are so addictive...I know! And the prices on eBay now are so enticing. There are a couple of the Bianca bags in the Patent Marine blue color up. Little too bright and shiny for me but pretty nonetheless.
  15. so it was this very thread that MADE me to to Nordies to check out the sophie satchel and small sophie tote in grey...they didnt have the small sophie in grey but they located it at another store...andi walked out of there with the small sophie tote in INK!!! The color is just phenomenol and coupled with the dark nickel hardware??? sooo chic. I had on my normal work-at-home-mom outfit of jeans and a black longsleeved tee and the ink TOTALLY perked up the outfit!! now i have been on a grey kick but was really disappointed in the grey - it was very dull and flat whereas the ink is definitely multitonal - it can look like a deep dark blue-violate or a dark navy. So, bagatella, you will love the INK!!!