OMG somebody needs to take away my credit card!

  1. I just placed another last minute order with my PCE card. I ordered the Chocolate Cotton Carly demi and the Mineral Mini Skinny! This is after I just got Whiskey Ali last week! I can't stop:lol: anybody else getting last minute PCE stuff?
  2. No last minute PCE stuff but we did do a little bit of damage at the outlet today...:whistle:
  3. ordered the yet to be released Legacy slim envelope wallet yesterday I told my SA I was done bothering her for now! Ahhh vacation is coming up I need to be saving for the Coach outlet!!
  4. I'll take your CC. Just don't let me near the outlet! :roflmfao: Congrats on the new purchases! :yahoo:You have great taste!
  5. I just got off the phone with the boutique to place a phone order for a bottle of the perfume. I fell in love with it from the samples they sent with my previous phone order!
  6. check your outlets before getting the demi!!!! Its way way cheaper there
  7. I'll take away your cc if you take away mine! Between the PCE & the outlets, it's on fire! :lecture:
  8. The chocolate cotton carly demi was at my outlet today!
  9. I checked my outlet already, no Carlys. I even called this morning to ask and they said they aren't getting any:tdown: You can't order from outlets can you?
  10. If you order from the outlets, I believe they charge you full price. So it's really no difference (plus you got the PCE).
  11. OMG I know exactly what you are talking about! After all the stuff I have acquired already this month, I fell madly in love with the Abbey flap. When I saw the turquoise lining at the boutique it pushed me over the edge. I couldn't really afford it, but since PCE would knock about $200 off the price I figured now is better than later! And, um, I seem to have also ordered the turnlock scarf and then I could not resist the doggie key fob. But that's all! :okay:
    Coach Abbey Tobacco.jpg Coach Catalog scarf_1.jpg Coach Dog Keyfob.jpg
  12. I'll take your credit card away for you :yes:

    of course I'll use it to go shopping though!! :graucho:
  13. Turquoise lining?! Please post a pic when you get it, it sounds beautiful:drool:
  14. i am having problems restraining myself..

    There are a few things I want to get my hands on, but just can't do it. I am on a ban for now. I went completely overboard this PCE. It is SO hard not to though,KWIM?

    I am sooooo mad I can't get to an outlet though to pick up some ponytail scarves and a skinny mini. Those prices are TDF!
  15. I know what you mean. I don't charge my Coach stuff, I buy it, but that often leaves me with not much extra left over. *LOL* I'd already returned and re-bought the large turquoise ergo hobo, the Soho large satchel in white with brown handles, and about 4 scarves. Then when I found out yesterday that you could still order PCE stuff and out of the new catalogue, I went right into the store last night and ordered the Gigi in clay leather, and the Havanah pumps in natural (Lord they're sexy), and the turnlock oblong scarf, and Legacy concentric.

    There are a couple other bags I want for fall too, but I just couldn't afford them at this time. *sigh* I don't have the cash. Next time though.