Omg Sold A Jc Ramona 7 Months Ago Buyer Is Now Saying Fake????

  1. Hi all, OMG I am so freaking out!!! SO I sold my personal Jimmy Choo Ramona Bag on eBay 7 months ago, which I personally bought in NYC at JC over 11 months ago. Now I get an email from the buyer saying it is fake and she wants a full refund!!!!! WHAT?? I can't find the receipt as it has been months since I sold it. She has a ton of neg for selling random two dollar items. I don't know what to do. The listing no longer shows up on eBay bec it is way over 90 days old. She says I need to handle this PROFESSIONALLY. I have over 200 feedbacks all postive and I really try to make my customers happy. Btw- she left me + feedback over 6 months ago. Should I email eBay or paypal and see what they say? Please help!!! Thanks = )
  2. Now that is some classic Ebay BULL SHWAT! Where does this buyer get off!?
    Although Im not sure, I think that Paypal will ask her to provide info onhow she has concluded the bag is fake.

    Where did you buy the bag? Lots of companies can provide receipts from months back.
  3. If she bought it over 7 months ago, I don't think she can file w/ Paypal now, it is too late.
  4. Doesn't eBay have a time limit for complaints like this? It seems like they should to prevent buyers from using an item for months/years and fabricating a reason to return it when they are tired of it. Hopefully they will have answers for you when you contact eBay.
  5. I thought I read somewhere on here about someone who filed a SNAD like a year later after the transaction was done, and that the rationale was that there was no time limit if its a fake bag that was sold. Does anyone recall this?

    However, you should have nothing to worry about! Paypal will ask her some info and she will need to back up her claims!
  6. Hi I got the bag over 11 months ago!!! Omg I think I'm gonna pass out. I have never expeirenced this EVER on ebay = (
  7. The best advice I can give you right now is to hop your butt on to the phone and call paypal ASAP
  8. I am just worried that I am not going to get my original bag back???
  9. Just call Paypal -I wouldn't refund her money b/c she is too late to file w/ Paypal.
  10. Just ignore her. I's been over 7 months, too late for a claim after she have used the bag all along. Don't waste your time. Also you can check if JC have a record of the transaction and send your buyer the info for her peace of mind.
  11. Hi all thank you so much for taking the time to look at my post. I should call JC and see if they can pull up my invoice. I am seriously dizzy from this. xo
  12. This smells of buyer remorse in action. Desperate remorseful buyers will try ANYTHING including requests for refunds from way back times. All of a sudden she woke up from a 7 month ecoma and thought I should try this?

    If for any reason you end up needing your original receipt - do the following. It worked for me during a time I had to file an insurance claim and had to provide receipts I no longer had.

    Some retailers will keep your purchase information on file, this helps them fulfill warranty issues. This also helps them dispute chargebacks with credit cards. Sooo if you end up needing a receipt call the JC store - ask if they can reprint the receipt. Again some will have this info and some do not, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  13. Im so sorry. That just happend to me as well. I sold something on EBay for 1200 and just last week I received an email from ebay/pp saying that the person filed a chargeback saying that the item was not as i describe it and that it was damage, she bought this back in November and she just filed this 2 weeks ago or so, the funny thing is, about a week 1/2 I received a box on the mail it was very ackward cuz I was not expecting anything since I did not purchased anything, I asked the mail gay what it was and who send it and he said there was no name/address only that it was send from Thousand Oaks CA and that the sender insured it and required a signature, so when I opened the box there was a speaker in there, and old regular speaker firts it dint make sense so I thought well it was a mistake or something but now that I received this email from ebay/pp I know she send it to me and shes gonna say she return the bag to me and that I have not refund her the money, so I have no idea what Im gonna do and how to take care of this.

    Good luck to you
  14. paypal claim can only be filed within 3 months of the purchase date, credit card chargebacks can be filed within 180 days of the purchase...tell this person to screw off!

    btw: this person probably already did both (paypal claim and chargeback on their credit card) and realised that she wasnt going to get anywhere with them.
  15. This just gave me the creeps. It is too late for this one, you already signed. This mailman should have informed that you can refuse the package meaning it would just go back to sender and nothing would have been required for you to sign.

    At this point your only other option (I would do this) is immediately file a police report. Someone is trying to scam you.