OMG! SO weird!

  1. All right, I could use some help. I don't know if I am being paranoid here, or if this really IS totally weird, so I'd like to get some other people's thoughts.

    I am currently selling a very expensive item on eBay (well into the high four figures) and someone emailed me with an offer. For whatever reason they did not use "Best Offer" even though I have it set up on the auction. That was the first red flag. The offer was a bit too low, so they responded with a higher offer, again via email only--AND then they wanted to know if I would meet them in person and accept cash. Second red flag!!
    Now, normally that wouldn't be the biggest deal in the world, and honestly I have done it in the past a couple of times (several years ago) but never, ever on something this expensive! I responded that it might be possible, and asked where they would want to meet.
    I was kind of assuming they would say a location in NYC, since my listings say that I am in NY.
    Instead, they came back saying that they live in some town name that I have never in my life heard of. So I asked where that is, and they said "near Pasadena" which is another town that I have never heard of as being anywhere on the east coast, LOL! So now I am thinking this is just getting weirder and weirder. Third red flag, and third time is the charm, as far as I'm concerned.

    I finally told the person that I spoke with my husband and since it's such an expensive item, he really didn't want me to meet anyone in person and/or accept cash, for both reasons of personal safety and for seller protection. I said that I would need to have proof of shipping and that I would need to receive payment as stated in the auction.

    So, my question is, does this ALL sound REALLY weird to you all?? Am I just being overly paranoid?
  2. YES!!! sounds very weird. go with your gut. dont do it!
  3. Very weird. Be careful
  4. YES! Very weird! And... Pasadena as in Pasadena, California?!?!?

    I would block them from bidding on any of your current or future eBay items!
  5. Yes - it sounds weird. Maybe you shoud block this person from your e-mail?
  6. No way! That all sounds so fishy... Don't do it!!
  7. I agree - PLEASE block her from your auctions. This is trouble about to happen....
  8. The really weird thing is that they asked you to travel a considerable distance to drop the item off, rather than just post it- as one would tend to do on eBay. It makes me think that they are a bit clueless about the whole ebay process. But definitely AVOID.
  9. Yeah that is really strange. Definitely do NOT do it.
  10. That's ridiculous. Pasadena as in California?!?!?!, that's like 3000 miles away. Is this person out of his/her mind????
  11. don't do it.....and block the person!!!
  12. This is too suspicious! Your doubt is absolutely reasonable. I recently received an offer which the buyer wanted to meet me at the LV Boutique for authentication. I have no problem doing that since I know my bag is authentic. Now I have to reconsider that request.....
  13. I know of a Pasadena in Maryland, pretty close to where I live.
  14. I think she meant that there is a Pasadena in NY? I'm really not sure at all, but it's very, very, very weird.
    On one hand, I don't want to just block her right off the bat with no warning or real reason (other than several strong hunches!), but at the same time, yeah, it's super-weird. Thanks for listening and validating my hunch!!

    So very odd. I am still sitting here totally perplexed.
  15. Now, see, THAT I have done and will probably continue to do (not with LV, but with Hermes). The people there know me, and I feel safe there. Plus their security is such that I know without a doubt that no one can grab the bag and run.

    Then again, my husband had a good point: who knows if someone could be lying in wait for you and either slug you on the head for the expensive bag, or slug you on the head for the xxxxx in cash they just gave you? Scary. (see, HE is paranoid! But it's a good thing, because I can tend to be too trusting at times.)