OMG!!!! So Upset!!!!

  1. :rant:
    GIGILEUNGE just pm'ed me with info on the new Paris Bombay that I purchased at the Hermes Madison Ave location! It turns out this bag is not Epson leather! It's Vache Liegee

    It turns out that the sales rep made a biggy mistake!!!

    When I was trying on the bag she told me that the bag was Epson leather.
    After I fell inlove with this bag she told me she was going to check the back to see if there was a new one. When she came out she said she had one and when I saw the box it was still wrapped with plastic around it so I asked if I could take the box home like that and she said sure, so I never checked the goods inside!

    When I got home I never checked the white card that was on the box it was hooked to the inside of the box but still exposed, it's the wearhouses controle card.

    Gigileunge just mentioned to me on a pm that my bag was not Epson it was Vache Liegee. I went to go verify this right now and she's right!!!!!!!

    How can she have done this!!! I don't even know anything about this leather! Where it comes from, nothing! I'm pissed! :rant:
  2. Oooooh! Huge mistake made by your SA!:wtf: You would've saved a lot if your Paris-Bombay were epsom because vache liegee is probably (one of) the most expensive leathers of all the non-exotics. Is there a particular reason that you wanted epsom and not vache liegee? I have a Kelly in this leather, and I :heart: it very much. It's totally durable, and it takes color beautifully, but it's very stiff. My SA says it's made in the same manner as boxcalf.
  3. Humm,.. :rolleyes: more expensive? Is that why this bag was $4200 before tax?

    Is this a sought after leather. I don't know much of this leather. Help! What animal is it made from?

    I have a Kelly in Epsom and I just like how it holds it shape.
  4. But Vache Liegee is gorgeous! I think you've done nicely, myself....did you particularly want epsom?????? The bag itself is superb!!!
  5. Ahhhh - you're Kelly is epsom - now you need a different leather - it was a mistake definitely in your favour, IMO!!!!! :smile:
  6. It's not the point that the Bag is a better leather, it's the principal. She's not supposed to make these mistakes.

    That must be why I fell inlove with this bag at first sight!
  7. I guess. I just wish I knew about this leather I know nothing about it. I should now nag her into informing me about this leather. I need to learn!
  8. I've heard a few SAs say that vache liegee was their favorite leather. OK, this is what I've gathered from my conversations with SAs: It's pretty sought-after, and not as common as say, togo. And vache liegee is newer, too. I think vache liegee is cow leather, but I'm not sure if it's made from specific parts. However, it's definitely treated differently than togo or clemence after it's acquired.
  9. If you really don't want to keep the bag, I'm sure you can get a refund because the mistake was your SA's and not yours.
  10. I'm intrigued with the leather I'm going to do some research now.
  11. Well, perhaps you should call the manager, tell him the problem, and offer to pay the extra money that the vache would have cost????

  12. No, I'm going to keep it, I still love it. I guess I need different leather bags!
  13. excellent idea!! it's the king of non-exotic leathers, from what i hear!!!
  14. That's great! It's a beautiful bag, most PB are in box calf or epsom, a PB in vache liagee is something special!

    If you love it, keep it! :smile:
  15. The Paris-Bombay in epsom would have cost $3800. Vache Liegee is an embossed cowhide. There's still a thread up about it.