OMG - so upset

  1. I just went and look on lvuk and the inclusion bracelets have gone up in price - they went from 125 pounds to 140 pounds - OMG - my bf was going to get me one on the 1st fed - did not know anout this uk increase - now i am so upset
  2. wow that is a big increase
  3. Sigh, this is the second time these things have gone up. I remember when I got the Framboise ring, it was only $190. Now they're $200 and probably going up again with this next increase.
    I wish I didn't like Inclusions so much, it's nearly $800 every time a new color comes out since I like to get the PM bangle, ring and Speedy keyring.
  4. I know that a huge increase about 12% or so
  5. i'm into the inclusion ring now, does anyone know what was the price prior to the increase???

    at the mo its £105 which is not bad but i would think its below £100 prior to the uk increase.

    also how delicate it is?? i hate to scratch it whilst wearing it thanks

    me too like you kimmy i wish i didnt look in the first place
  6. that is a large increase! prices in USA go up Jan. 23 (yuk).
  7. Oh man, that sucks! I HATE price increases!
  8. it's pretty durable, after all it's resin/plastic lol, but it still chips if you are hard on it.
  9. Well Kimmy, rest assured you are still not paying as much as us here. 140 GBP is AU$312. We are paying AU$365 at the moment before the price increase. And prior to this price, we were paying AU$375.