OMG so upset about the RED Epi Keepall

  1. awww, thats too bad!!!
  2. I'm sure another one will pop up soon somewhere! And it will have been worth the wait.
  3. Awwww... shucks. Sorry about that... :sad:
  4. set up a favourite search but make sure to select "located in any country" for country then any time a new one pops up you'll get an email
  5. Oh no! Keep looking...maybe this one wasn't meant to be and you'll find an even better one soon!
  6. Doh..I hate when that happens. You gotta stalk eBay, the good deals for the authentic bags seem to go fast.

    I am sure another one will come up....:yes:
  7. thanks for the advice, I had no Idea you could do this :flowers:
  8. Great tip! That's what I used to do too, when I was frantically looking for CB items! :yes:
  9. Sorry about that, Steve. That's the way it is with eBay. Hope another one comes your way! :flowers:
  10. thanks everyone :flowers:
  11. Good luck with finding and getting one!
  12. That was a good price! Darn, you deserved that keepall, hopefully something better was meant to be!
  13. aw i'm sorry! good luck finding another one! :yes:
  14. Aww sorry to hear that steve! Hopefully a new one will come your way soon!