OMG! So strange....'O' stamp Birkin from Hermes...?

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  1. Hi~!

    There were a couple of Birkins available this weekend...Both were in togo..I didn't not buy any...One of them was a wrong color and the other one will see as you read...

    One of them was 'J' stamp, of course...BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! The other one was in 'O' stamp! Can you believe it? It was from Hermes with 'O' stamp!!!!!!!!! I didn't see it in person...SA told me over the phone (I know it's a weird question, but I usually ask for year stamp! See~! It was GOOD that I asked:wtf: !)

    So, what year can it be? 1997 is 'D', right? Then 'O' should be 1986 or 1985:wtf: :wtf: :wtf: ? That's almost vinatage OR maybe SA didn't know where to look at for a year stamp, so, she gave me a wrong info (this SA is not my regular SA)? I just can't believe it!!!!!!!! Birkins does not even last a day at a store! About 20 years? NONE SENSE WHAT SO EVER!!! That was the weirest experience I've ever had with Hermes items! I mean we are talking about a Birkin here... about 20 years old Birkin from a store.......? I am REALLY REALLY AMAZED and extremely confused!!!!!!!!!:shrugs:
  2. Those birkins that they make for their window displays... do you suppose they quietly release them for sale after that... but even then I reckon, their blind stamp are probably H or I, but O sounds a tad too vintage
  3. maybe the SA misread it?
  4. I really thought so. So, I asked her over and over like 3~4 times, and she said "Well...I don't know what to tell really has a stamp with 'O'..":wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :s :shrugs:
  5. maybe O was the craftsman ID and the SA mixed it up?

    I wouldn't buy an O bag at current retail price.
  6. Whre's our Hermesgroupie when we need her!?!?!?!?!!?
  7. Aspen Any 35cm Gold Togo's with Gold HW in the bunch????
  8. OMG...shopmom...that's what I'd love!!:yahoo:
  9. No.......If there was one, I would buy it right away!!!...:graucho: Even though I am REALLY crazy about croc. Birkins right now, I would still buy 35cm gold with GOLD HW and BJ 35cm in any HW...These two are the exceptions...(maybe maybe in black 35cm with PH...)...I would jump on them even though there are not in croc...!:rolleyes:
  10. Maybe it is really a D and she doesn't see well.
  11. good response....was it in the square?
  12. Oh...I don't know...She just told me it had 'O' stamp...:s :shrugs:
  13. I reckon she just read it wrong....although you think they would know how to read a blindstamp....?
  14. Wierd! I still don't think it could've been an O.

  15. Me neither. It could be a G read into an O !!:nuts: