OMG So Shocked Yesturday

  1. OMG so I totally forgot about this until now when I was thinking about it. Well I was shopping yesturday and I saw an Asian Couple come past me...the lady had a Damier Speedy and it had the leather sample tags that are on fakes hanging off it and the card tag on it :wtf: It was an obvious fake. I couldnt believe my eyes, they are now carrying them round like this ???. Im not one for threads on "OMG I saw a fake" but I just cant believe with the leather tag lol :roflmfao:
  2. I've seen people with the tags/ sample fabric on it, I never understood why they would keep that on it. You wouldn't buy a shirt and keep the tag on it, so why would you do it to a bag?
  3. its funny you mentioned this because i saw a lady carrying her "LV" speedy 25 yesterday at a toy store and it had the leather tag hanging from it. i was just like :wtf: i guess, some people don't know any better? maybe they think the tag is what makes it seem more real? blehh
  4. umm..........sounds disturbing :roflmfao:
  5. haha you are totally right :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. eeeeew. gross!
  7. They've been doing that here for ages,your town just caught on? ;)

    It's annoying to see those bags.
  8. shocking! i can't believe they're already making fake damier speedies!!! is nothing sacred??? :crybaby:
  9. I hate it when people carry fakes. I was at the North gate mall yesterday with my white multi color speedy and this women came up to me with her fake LV black multi color speedy and stated to me "where did you get your speedy? she followed up by "i hope you did not pay a lot because its fake! I was blown away, she further stated that her was authentic as her LV's were not upside down and some of mine where. she went on to say that the gold feet should only have one metal stub (not sure what its called) and my bag has two. I walked away as she was not worth my time. I hate people who carry fakes and truly believe its real!! check out a pic of my speedy.
  10. Maybe they think it's like having a Coach tag hanging from a Coach purse.....
  11. OMG your bag is hot. I cant believe someone would be so rude. You should have took her to the LV store haha...had her bag checked out by your SA.
  12. what a total weirdo!

    good thing you didn't bother with her - SO not worth your time!

    YOUR bag, on the other hand, is lovely! : )

    actually, I think I would have had a hard time trying not to laugh in your situation (at the woman, I mean).

    ; )

  13. Lol... some people are so #&%f$s( :cursing:
  14. Eww.
  15. I hate when people ask "where did you get your "Louis Vuitton" bag? duh, the "Louis Vuitton" store!!!