OMG so many mirror speedies on ebay

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  1. i was just browsing ebay, and saw so many mirror speedies...nearly 10 !!

    but prices are all more than double the retail~!
  2. Wow, I hate that!
  3. Omg that sucks.
  4. :rolleyes:
  5. this is what pisses me off..why are these people on ebay selling those bags for double the price...
  6. I think I will just add them to my DO NOT BUY FROM LIST. when there are so many ladies wanting to purchase this handbag from a LV store and can't.
    selling 4grand for the speedy's.

  7. Just came back from S5A and got the Mirror Pochette in GOLD(i promise it's my luck some one haven't claim it yet!):yahoo: , they do have Silver papillon available, but the speedy and alma are wait list only...... GOOD LUCK !:yes:
  8. Wow!!! That is highway robbery to charge 4k for the miroir speedy!! Its a beautiful bag but still...
  9. wow :Push:
  10. If they can sucker anyone in to buying one, then more power to them. It is a limited edition item, and EVERYONE wants it.
  11. Are there any bids on them so far?
  12. I've seen two that have bids on them.The seller set their starting bid low but you can bet the reserve is set to make a profit,it makes no sense to take a loss on a brand new limited edition LV.The last time I checked they had a bid of $91.00,running a 7 day auction, infact that seller has two bags up for grabs.
    I actually prefer the BIN listings on the limited edition LV bags, at least those sellers are being honest regarding the price they want for an item.

    Those that can afford to pay inflated prices for something they are dying to get their hands on won't break a sweat :sweatdrop: when writing the check.

    If the sellers were trying to rip people off with fakes that would be another story.:sad:

    I'm selling mine on e-Bay and I don't feel bad about my BIN price.If I sell it fine if I don't it's no big deal.I don't like returning LV items so e-Bay seemed like the best place to flip it and make a profit.
  13. Don't you think those who wanted it will get it by waitlisting???
  14. Not everybody is able to get on waitlists as LV isn't in every country ;)
  15. The waitlists are much longer than the supply!!