OMG so mad! EBay took off 8 of my auctions and suspended me!

  1. Hi there! so heres the story...

    I have listed 8 items on eBay and they all got cancelled and they suspended my eBay account! I'm really new to eBay (3 feedback only) so i'm not sure how it works but all my items are 100% authentic! It said that I didn't follow 1 of the policies listed in ebays terms! then I heard that you need a ebay sellers account in order to sell (which I do not have) and not just to register as a member! Is this true because i'm not sure about this policy but it did say that you need a business/premier paypal account as well (which I didn't know either.) I only had a personal account! I wish that they would have just cancelled my listings instead of suspending me! the weird thing is that when I go to sell an item, I was not told to register for a sellers account and the website lets me list my items! I'm just really frustrated and i'm not sure why ebay is so complicating!

    I also have open claim with paypal about a bag that I received that is not in brand new condition! It has been almost 30 days and I have not heard back from them yet! Now i'm also worried that my "no longer a user" status will affect my claim! Does anyone know if it will affect my claim?

    Also does anyone know how I need to go about to get my ebay account up and running again? Are there any websites that i can sell items on in the mean time?:confused1:
  2. Does anyone have any idea if me getting suspended on ebay will affect my open claim with paypal??? Or any other alternative to ebay? Any advice on how to get my account reopened? Please let me know!
  3. If it has been 30 days since you filed your paypal claim then it is probably closed. You have 10 maybe fifteen days to escalate to a claim if you don't do that then they automatically close it and it can't be re-opened.
  4. I escalated the claim and they said that this process takes about 30 days but I haven't heard back from paypal yet (its almost been 30 days)!