OMG So jealous...

  1. Um I'm so jealous. Can this be me please :smile:

    Much love for Hayden and I love that she's a Coach fan.
    What do you think she's got in there?

    Source: Perez Hilton
  2. awww.....I want whatever she has in those big bags!

    She is a pretty girl!
  3. Oops!Sorry gals,I mistook this for the D&B section forgot they removed it due to lack of activity.

    But she did design a bag that D&B will have available soon in 4 different colors,Black,White,Red and Brown.

    Hayden Bag


    L 17" W 5" H 11"

    Limited edition Hayden Panettiere Bag. Inside zip pocket. Cell phone pocket. Inside key hook. Strap drop length: 8.5". Magnetic closure. Lined. 18 carat gold finish hardware.


    It's cute even if it isn't Coach.
  4. Those are cute :smile:
  5. OO that bag was actually designed by her and Dooney and Bourke not Coach. But she should def design some bags for Coach!!
  6. ^^ yes it is for d&b.


  7. If this bag looks as good IRL I'll be picking one up.I know many don't care for Dooney or Coach but I have found some that look just as good as any LV or Chloe bag I own.
  8. So I wonder if she will carry her "own" bag....
  9. I don't know why she wouldn't,she doesn't come across as a bag snob and it was afterall her design idea.
  10. Okay, Love Hayden and I'm dying to know what's in those bags!! One looks like a black bag? The other like a sweater or a coat??
  11. Hayden is definitely a Coachaholic! She loves her Coach especially her Coach White Ali.
    I would really love to know what she has in those bags!
  12. Honestly not a huge fan of D&B but I LOVE that bag. I'd take the HP tag off though :shame:
  13. Yeah that one in her right hand is def a big black bag. Jealous! I think the bag also has her name written on it lol. I want to go in and have them just hand me bags that have been prepared for me.
  14. The only bag that I can think of that's that big is the Lily. Maybe she got a black Lily! Ever since I got my Lily in whiskey I've been dying to see a celebrity carrying one! Or maybe it's the Alligator Bleeker Duffle that Mandy Moore has...hmmm...
  15. I love Hayden, she's truly one of my greatest style role models!