omg... so i received an EMPTY BOX today from (LONG, sorry!)

  1. Apologies in advance for my LONG rant... I'm just EXTREMELY UPSET @ right now. You can skip to the last sentence if you don't want to read the whole thing.

    May I start by saying that I used to frequent tPF a LOT, but my father passed away last April, and being a college student, it was hard to think of spending so much money on the things I loved like Chanel and LV, when we had bills to pay and my mom was now taking so much of the financial burden -so I will browse tPF every now and then, but have not been active in posting or anything. But when this happened, I didn't know who to turn to or to rant about this, because I'm SO upset.

    Anyways, going on with my story: After a hard year, I thought I would treat myself to something small, since I shouldn't really be buying a $1000+ bag. I couldn't find a grey inclusion PM around me, and I don't really have time to drive around to stores, so I ordered it off

    I sent the box to my mom's work because I'm not home much of the time, w/ school and a PT job. So they sent it late yesterday after she left, but she knew I was looking forward to getting it, and she went to pick it up for me today.

    So she brings home the box, I'm all giddy as I start opening it, and there was an empty dust bag on top, and I think "o, well... there's a box under the bubble, wrap... they probably just included the dust bag, how thoughtful" (YEAH, RIGHT) then I move the bubble wrap, and open the brown Vuitton drawer box, and to my SHOCK AND HORROR, there was NOTHING THERE.

    Honestly, I didn't know whether to FREAK out, or what... so I literally sat there IN SHOCK. I called 866/ immediately, and they were actually very nice, but aside from filing a claim with FedEx, they made it seem to me that nothing could be done on their end because "once the package leaves our premises, it's FedEx's responsibility." So my 866 person was VERY nice, and filed a claim and told me to call FedEx to follow up. I call FedEx, and they said it would take 5-7 days to START the process of the claim, and that they would NOT even get into contact with me, because "it is not their policy to get into contact with the recipient."

    SO, long story short... I'm OUT 300$ with an empty LV box. -and no one has even told me that I will get reimbursed or get a new item. WTH?! -Has this happened to anyone? What did you do? UGHHHHH... sorry! I think I just need a hug or something :crybaby:
  2. oh my gosh! that's terrible! I really hope you can get it straightened out! I'm so sorry, hon!
  3. o, and BY THE WAY... oddly enough, my boyfriend used to work @ FedEx, @ the package handling/distribution center, and he said that he remembers a LOT of people stealing.

    I should have known something was wrong because when I went to open the box, I only had to slit one side w/ the scissor. (Get what I mean??) UGH
  4. Wow. How in the world is it FedEx's responsibility (and yours) if you received a SEALED empty box??

    I think this happened to someone else not too long ago! sounds so awful. I can't believe they would blame a sealed empty box on the shipper and on you, and make you do a claim.

    ETA: just saw that about the box. That is disgusting that someone would do that.
  5. I'm so sorry for you. I hope all will be ok for you in the end. let us know.
  6. How do you know someone at your Mom's work did not open the box and take it???? I would think that is a good possibility. Who had access to her work.
    Hubby had a office and the cleaning people that the building used would forget to lock the door to his offices and they also stole electronic stuff. So maybe it is not FedEx but work. I would think FedEx has weight on a package and this can show if something was actually mailed when it first went out to you.
    Good luck, what a hassle to have this happen to you.
  7. WOW. I'm in shock. :wtf: First off, I'm sorry to hear about your father. I hope you're feeling better now. Also, I was planning to get a BV for my next purchase, which I was going to order off of or eLux to save $60 on tax but after hearing this, I think I might just go to a boutique.

    I can't believe an empty box was sent, or if it was stolen at FedEx, I mean, don't they have cameras to watch their employees? I hope you'll get reimbursed soon. Feel better! :heart: (why isn't there a hug smiley?!!)
  8. :wtf::wtf::sad::sad: I am soo sorry this happened to you. I have heard many stories of FedEx people steeling, it's their responsibly to get the package to you. Keep us updated! I hope something positive will happen soon!
  9. I think LV should be responsible. Don't they ship insured?!
    Whatever though, they should! And if they can't proof you received your item, I would do a cc chargeback. You should be in your right...
    Hope it will turn out good, you don't deserve this sh*t..
  10. That's TERRIBLE news!! I really hope things get straightened up for you quickly!!
  11. OMG! I'm so sorry!!!! This is horrible! Please keep us informed.
  12. ITA. Jcrew, Sephora, all have MUCH better customer service than this. I place orders over $500 with JCrew and Sephora frequently and when I had a couple of packages stolen recently, they instantly replaced them with no questions asked. has replaced entire packages that were slightly damaged on arrival. The COMPANY should be responsible for filing the claim and getting their money; the CUSTOMER should get the item they paid for! Outrageous!! :cursing:
  13. i can sympathize!

    i ordered some awesome Lanvin sunglasses from Barneys which were supposed to arrive FedEx yesterday. I was waiting and waiting, and finally decided to track the package which the info said was left at my front door. I literally went outside and checked all around my house and there is nothing.

    when i called FedEx they said that even though the tracking said that the package was left at my front door that it might have been left with a neighbor. I explained to the FedEx woman that this is Miami. Leaving something with a neighbor still doesnt guarantee it will ultimately get to me.

    They said they could trace the package which would take 2 business days and that if they cant locate the item that I need to contact Barneys for them to file a claim against FedEx.

    I jumped the gun and called Barney's immediately and the customer service rep was amazing, said that FedEx is awful, most likely wont recover the "missing" item and that hed fix the situation for me.

    Bottom line: FedEx is a mess.
  14. thanks, kimalee, princess_eab, lilou, gillianna, missyanne, and FashionMIKE for your kind thoughts.

    My mom's work is actually very small, only about 5 or 6 people, all of whom she has known and worked with for years... we have Christmas dinners together, go to each others family functions, so we both highly doubt it was anyone from there that stole it. (Don't get me wrong though, I'm paranoid... and the thought DID cross my mind, but alas... it's a very LONG shot that it was one of her co-workers.)

    YES! get your bag from a store if possible... then at least you will NOT get an empty box. I am kicking myself for allowing this to happen to me. Also, my BF told me that while FedEx IS strict, there ARE ways to get around the cameras. He remembers hearing about people taking laptops and such, but more so, small things like food items, etc. Thanks for your kind words.
  15. wow, I am so so sorry that this is happened to you. I hope that you can recover the bracelet or get your money back...
    Also, I am glad that you made a claim with Fedex too. Good luck.