i got my maxene boot...

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  1. note i said boot! i ordered the clay maxenes from a store out of state and when my package arrived it was pretty crushed and looked like it had been retaped. i wasn't home when it was delivered so i couldn't ask the fedex guy about it. so i open the box and inside, on top of the coach shoebox is one boot. the shoebox was empty. that's all i got, one boot!

    so of course i'm panicked, and i called fedex and they said coach had to file the claim, so i called the store. they took all my info and said they would try to locate another pair of boots. then they called me back and asked if i had the left boot. i said yes, and they said they had the right boot! they found it sitting in the stock room!

    so they overnighted the other boot and all is well, but they scared me. i was sure i'd never find another pair. i have worn them now and they are awesome. in fact, i liked them so much i bought them in black and whiskey as well! sorry i have no modeling pics but here is a stock pic.
  2. The case of the missing boot! hehe
    I'm glad it is solved and that you like them.
    Also, I'm glad you bought all three pairs, cuz I was feeling pretty guilty for owning both whiskey & clay. You make me feel better!
    Enjoy your boots, they are gorgeous!
  3. I'm glad everything worked out for you! I would have been extremely panicked myself! I love my clay's I wore them for the first time yesterday and received so many compliments!

    Did you have to call around to find your whiskey and black ones? I'd love to have this boot in all 3 colors!! Lucky you!!
  4. OMG! That would scare the crap out of me! I am so happy you got your boot and ordered the other two colors!!! Wow! Congrats
  5. lol thats hilarious...just ONE boot!
    glad that they found the other one
    and how silly of them to forget it haha!
  6. It's been a long day and when I read your post I giggled. Of course I was laughing with you not at you. So glad it worked out.
  7. ellacoach - yes i had to call around. the store looked it up and said it was sold out, so i called JAX and they gave me a couple stores and they didn't have them. so i went to and did a store seach by who carried shoes and just went state by state, calling every store until i found them! luckily in florida one store had both pairs and they gave me free shipping.
  8. OMG. What a story! I'm glad everything worked out for you. When you get a chance, you should post modeling pics of each color. I ended up getting the Whiskey ones first and loved them so much that I got the clay too. Who knows, maybe sometime I'll get the black...:graucho:
  9. Whew! So glad that it worked out!
  10. OMG I would have had a huge anxiety attack:lol:...Im happy you got you left boot!
  11. that is funny (now that you found the other one that is!) Leave it to jax.. BTW I LOVE those boots!!! :drool: