OMG SO CUTE!! Everyone has to look!!!!

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  1. go to the general discussion board under the thread


    I just found this. SOOOO CUTE! :p
  2. I know, I already saw the post -how cute, 1st was like WTF but then I read the rest of the post - too cute!!! BTW, glad you are enjoying this board as well!!!
  3. Awww... how sweet..

    Not trying to pop your bubble, but I think this really belongs in the "General Sections" thread. ;)
  4. ^^ Agreed. Sweetie and all but not LV. :yes:
  5. oh...well since the only section of the purse forum i am regularly on is the LV section...i just wanted all the people i talk to to see it...idk how many ppl actually check the general discussion board....i know i dont. so i just wanted to share with my fellow lv friends but whatever...if ppl think it should be all means...the mods can move it to wherever
  6. ^^ Maybe a note in your signature then? That always draws me to threads :biggrin:
  7. true... i guess. whatever. im closing the thread...i dont want a million posts telling me to move it.
  8. its not showing me that little option to close thread under thread tools!
  9. ??????????
  10. well if a mod happens by this thread can you close it i guess
  11. sweet sweet!!
  12. I'll close it by request, but that is too cute :love:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.