OMG so beautiful!

  1. today i went to the chanel counter at Saks (the one on 5th in manhattan)
    they had this one purse that was sooo beautiful. ive never seen it before, but they had one in a large size, and one in a smaller size. the small one had a CC charm hanging from it (similar to the charm on the lux bowler) and kinda folded over. it had a short chain handle, but could have easily fit over the shoulder.

    the SA told me they only had it in black, otherwise i so would have bought it! but now im thinkng maybe another store carries it in another color, but the SA was so busy, i didnt get a chance to ask her what the name of the purse was...does anyone know what im talking about?
  2. Sounds like maybe it was the hot new bag called the Cabas.
  3. Was it SUPER DUPER soft?

    ACK! I can't think of the name!!! Golden has one. . . I'm going to look or I'll die trying to remember!
    Do a search, maybe that's it, maybe not.
    If not she's probably right, it's probably the Coco Cabas.
  5. i guess its the coco cabas?
  6. sounds like the coco cabas??
  7. no, i dont think it was the coco cabas b/c it wasnt big (not even the large size) the small size was a bit smaller than the lux flap bag, and the leather was SUPER SUPER soft!
  8. did you do a search for the one I mentioned?
    It's CRAZY soft!
  9. YUP i think ur right, i think its the Ultimate Soft. i saw it in black and it is sooooooo gorgeous!! words dont do it justice...but the SA at Saks told me they only had it in black.
  10. words DO NOT do it justice!
    Saks may only have it in black, but you should call NM and a 1-800 Chanel as well ;)
  11. Is this it? If so it is the Ultimate Soft and it's gorgeous. Nordstrom PDF for cruise line shows it also comes in light beige...
    ultimate soft.JPG
  12. yup thats it..i was literally drooling! but i wonder how easy it would be to take care of since the leather is so soft
  13. you'd have to baby it, black would be slightly easier to maintain I think.
  14. I hate this.....:crybaby:
    There are so many bags that I wanna get....
    But if I get this one as's going to be 4th Chanel item in a month.....on top of that I am recieving my Miu Miu Coffer on Tuesday....

    Hate Chanel for making so many beautiful bags!

    Does anyone know if this one has got distressed metal of shiny metal?
    Also how big is the bigger one?
    And..what colors are there? Help~!!! and Thanks~!:drool: :drool: :drool:
  15. that bag is so similar to the one that I bought early last year. mine is just this soft non-quilted lambskin and with chains that can be adjusted.
    here is mine...:heart: :heart: :heart:
    933bscd.jpg 2888scd.jpg