OMG! Smash and grab at Chanel in SF!

  1. I was walking back from Neiman's to check on some prices for a fellow TPF'er and I saw some commotion happening in front of the Chanel boutique. Apparently someone ran in and sprayed pepper spray all over the room. I saw one of the display cases on it's side with broken glass everywhere. The thief then jumped into a Pontiac and drove off. There were two security guards who gave chase and one came back holding his shoulder. They were able to recover one bag (the Hollywood tote - $3,750), but they said he made off with one bag. Scary stuff!:tdown:
  2. OMG, that sounds awful. I hope the shoppers and SA's are okay.
  3. Omg how desperate of them!!! hope you and the customers are okay though.
  4. Wow. How did he get one bag if they caught him? That's scary.
  5. I am ok - I actually never made it into the store. Luckily it didn't look like anyone was seriously injured (except for the security guard's sore arm). It could have been much worse! This reminds me of a similar incident in July 2006 down at the Gucci store in Santana Row in San Jose, CA. Someone ran into the store and made off with 9 bags worth almost $20,000 and hopped in his car and drove off.
  6. The thief definitely made off with at least one bag. It looked like the security guards struggled with the thief for a bit, but he was able to escape.
  7. woah crazy! Glad to hear you are ok.
  8. Isn't the area of NM in SF quite crowded? Can't believe someone whould even thought of grab & run stint there! I'm guessing there was another waiting outside in the car?
  9. thats horrible!
  10. whaaat! that's insane!
  11. It's sad there are people that desparate for money. I hope the theif is caught and brought to justice. Glad you weren't in the boutique at the time!
  12. OMG that is crazy, but glad you were alright~
  13. geezus, that is insane! i am fairy familar with that area and was it not busy today that the thief and his assistant was able to get out of SF traffic without being caught? cant believe how desperate people are!!
  14. wow! unbelievable!
  15. Actually, that side of NM is pretty quiet - it's the side that faces Macy's/Union Square that is pretty crowded. And especially on a Monday afternoon, there are few people that walk up and down the side that faces Chanel.