OMG should I get this ?!?!?

  1. Hi, most of you know that im after a panda cles. Anways Ive just been offered one under the LV store retail price and there selling on Ebay for about $280 and I got offered one which was new with box for less than retail price. Should I get it ??? I have no money so Im gunna get my dad to buy it me for my birthday, so give me some good techniques to get him to get it for me. ;)
  2. no please dont do ebay, there are all sorts of risks involved and a headache is for sure if its the best transaction. How much is the saving is it worth it? will the seller palm you off a fake one instead? (ive heard the panda is easily faked) its up to you alot of people love ebay im very very skeptical of the best of people so its your choice im sure you will make the best decision for you
  3. its only about 7 dollars under retail price so not that much but it does come with box and of what ive saw of it, it seems real but I just dont know if to get it or not :sad:
  4. Hello, i think i saw this one on the german or french ebay for 99 €. It's alot less so maybe it's a good deal
  5. yeah I dont know, I think I might just buy one from mypoupette or something, paying the extra may put my mind at rest. I think that if I get it I may allways be thinking, is it fake or not. Karen Kooper has got one on so I may have a look at that. Thanks everyone :smile:
  6. Um are you serious? shipping will hit more than $7!!! and you will get a dustcover and box, personally i wouldnt but if you have your heart set on it and you dotn want to wait for lv go for it
    p.s. what is the persons i.d. name they may be a memeber here and offer a discount!
  7. the my poupette member ??
  8. discount :graucho: :graucho:
  9. Are you sure you can't locate one from the boutique? I will only resort to ebay if it's really really impossible to get from the store. Even if the price is below retail, it doesn't worth the hassle of guessing whether it's authentic or fake, if the condition exactly as described, the possibility of switch and bait, etc. JMHO... :P But if you really HAVE to get online, get it from the PFers' recommemded sellers as I believe if many experts here had purchased from them and the transactions were great, you have less to worry about. Good luck..!
  10. thanks, I dont think theres any left at all in England, My SA didnt even know what one was lol
  11. ^^ Oh, that's too bad... Then hopefully you get a great condition authentic one from ebay. By the way, when was this line out? :P
  12. yeah maybe I will, I dont have a clue when the line was out but its cute lol