OMG!! Shooting at my college!!

  1. Oh my goodnesss!!!:wtf: I am shocked beyond belief.

    Over the weekend, a guy was visiting his sister (who is a student) and he ended up taking residents of her apartment hostage for 8 hours... after which he released them and shot himself dead.

    I can't believe it... This happened just down the road from where I live, and I have friends who live in that apartment area, and I was just visiting on Friday. This just scares the wits out of me... nowhere is safe anymore!

    What kind of psycho brings a handgun when he goes to visit his sister?!!:wtf: It was homecoming weekend, so I dread the thought that he might have pulled it out in a crowd during the parade or some crowded event.

    I'm still reeling in shock...
  2. How horrible, it's a terrible thing to hear about...even more scary when you are right there.
  3. That's terrible. This happened at my college last year over the weekend (or maybe it was Christmas holiday?)
  4. That is horrible!! I am glad that he did not taken anyone else's life but his own.
  5. Thank god no one was hurt!!
  6. very scary and disturbing!
  7. All these school shootings are scaring the life out of me. Thank goodness nobody was hurt
  8. omgoodness! thankgod everyone is ok, seriously I totally agree with you! this world has become such a dangerous place to live in!..
  9. That's horrible, Pyrexia! That would shake me up so badly. You just never know what's going on in some people's heads. The world seems so much more dangerous than when I was growing up and in college.
  10. oh wow! O_O
    I'm glad everyone is ok!
  11. Sad. Yes, there are psychos everywhere. It's not uncommon to hear about people raped/attacked/shot on or near Marquette. For awhile my school, UW Milwaukee had... guys that would hide in bushes and attack people with masks on. Yep.
  12. What college is this? It is so awful to hear these things..
  13. omg that is so frightening
  14. I'm at Penn State.
    I think they tried to keep it quiet over the weekend cos of the Homecoming crowds, which is why we didn't hear much of it.

    I'm getting sccared to walk around on campus now!
  15. I got pepper spray because I had late night classes and was freaked out of my mind. Who knows how good it would have been in light of a real crisis, but I felt a little bit better :/ Oh, and I always carried my cell phone in my front pocket because I'm paranoid like that.