OMG shoess...

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  1. Does anyone know where i can get the Chanel quilted wedges on the left....?
    This girl had them on today, i asked if they were Chanel and she said that they weren't because the last time i saw those shoes were in a Saks catalog.
    so, is there is there a cheaper version of these shoes because i'm not willing to pay $595 for them!
  2. I've seen copies of those wedges at Nordstrom.
  3. I saw a decent knockoff at Nordstrom too.
  4. ^^ I guess I meant "inspired" version not knockoff. ^^
  5. a knockoff is a knockoff
  6. i second that lol
    But honestly...i wouldnt pay that much for this particular Chanel either. Dont get me wrong....i will pay a lot for a shoe i like...but if im going to pay a lot i want something really unique but classic...something that i will get use out of :smile:
  7. The Chanel ones are awesome! I just wish they made them in red leather. The knockoffs are just hideous in my opinion.
  8. i tried the chanel ones in person and hubby was telling me to buy them but they are not worth the $600 price tag, I was not impressed by how they were made and they were uncomfortable the few minutes i had them on.
  9. My mother in law has the nine west ones and loves them. There are two styles from nine west; they have it in a wedge and then a thicker heel
  10. Really? I always thought "inspired" meant the same thing as "knockoff" but I'm not so sure now. I guess a "knockoff" would be a total fake, completely copied version and an "inspired" version would be a similar one??? I'm not really that sure.
  11. tjose wedges are hot!! does anybody know which store carries them?