OMG - She's finally here!!!

  1. No striptease! After almost wearing a hole in the floor looking for FedEx, she finally arrived! Please help me welcome my first Hermes handbag - 37cm mou Bolide in black clemence!
    DSCF1297.JPG DSCF1298.JPG DSCF1303.JPG
  2. Welcome mou Bolide!!!! Congratulations Florasun!
  3. omg i love clemence,

    this bag will last you forever! congrats!:flowers:
  4. Congratulations! I love Bolides :love:
  5. Congratulations Florasun.:yahoo:
    She is gorgeous, and you will love this bag.
    She is definately be worth the wait.
  6. WHOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!! Congratulations on your first H bag!!!! That bolide is gorgeous, and really will last you forever! Enjoy in the best of health!!!!
  7. Ooooo, take it off! Congrats - it's beautiful!!
  8. Congrats on your first H bag!!! :tup:
  9. Just divine... what a stunning bag:smile: congratulations! the bolide is so versatile ! great choice.
  10. Congrats on your first Hermes-and Enjoy:heart:
  11. Welcome mou Bolide!!!! What a great choice for an Hermes bag!!! The bolide is just the most usable, lovable bag!!!! Enjoy her!!!!!
  12. Thank you Rose, Andzrej, allaboutnice, Raz, jag, Kelly100, Kasumi, H&H, Amamxr, and luv2shop! I feel like Ralphie finally getting a Red Rider BB gun on Christmas morning! I am so indebted to the Hermes ladies for taking the time to share their knowledge on this forum (and taking many photos), and the Bag Ban Ladies who helped stop me from blowing my $$ on other purses so I could blow it on Hermes! :yahoo:
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  14. :yahoo: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats on your first H !!!!
    It's gorgeous !!!
  15. Yay, she's finally here! Congrats, congrats, congrats!