OMG! Shearling Hermes Kelly!!!

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  1. [​IMG]
    Leave it to Victoria Beckham to have one!!!
  2. i know that sooooooooo many of u guyz r gonna disagree with me
    but i adooooooooooooooooore this bag ..its realy goooorgoues and unique .. wooooow:nuts: how much it costs? VB ur so lucky with all of ur items inludcing ur husband ::lol: :P
  3. Wow!

    I'm SOO distracted my skeletor though. Is it just me or does she look like she's lost MORE weight? Is there any left to lose? Her face looks a little warped to me. :sad:
    Wow, she is so pretty when she's healthy.
  4. if i could afford an hermes bag, it would be to buy this one. it is so beautiful! and i don't even LIKE hermes!
  5. D@#$!!!!
  6. ^^^ :lol:
  7. Ok it's off subject, what I notice is she's wearing a winter coat and carrying a sherling bag BUT wearing sandles...I find it really weird, don't her feet get cold? Then I would ask, would you wear your sherling bag in the summer or it's really just a winter bag.
  8. Gorgeous bag! She probably crawls inside to keep warm!
  9. ew. If I had the opportunity to get a kelly, it would def. not be in shearling.
  10. Ohhh! Hot Hot Hot!

    To who ever it may concern,

    Yes, I would very much like for you to get me this bag as a present for being so wonderful and amazing. How could I decline?
    Thank you, please post it to my home address.


  11. honestly, my reaction to that bag is...eww.
  12. Anything Hermes is good to me! :love: :love: :love:
    Has anyone seen the Hermes minibag? I think it is the mini version of a Kelly! And when I say mini it is ridiculously teeny! I saw it in the latest issue Elle magazine. :biggrin:
  13. Are you talking about this one:
    (When the pic opens, lick on it again to enlarge it even more!)
  14. Dang, Victoria got every style of Hermes there is huh?
  15. that mini kelly is adorable, but the shearling? eww...