OMG! She is INKredible!!! Pics

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  1. I know some of you have her and when I saw Alma's reveal, I set out to find one. My outlet helped me and I got one from Mew Mexico. She arrived today and even though she seems to have tiny cracks in the folds in the front and back bottom, I am in LOVE!!! The hair-like cracks are tiny and as soon as I saw them, I moisturized the area and filled her with my stuff so she wouldn't crease there anymore... I LOVE her!!! I am leaving for a volleyball game but I'll be back later to see all your replies. Thanks for sharing in my joy!!! :yahoo:
    Not the best pictures but here she is:

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  2. Wow...I always love seeing new pics of this beauty!
    Awesome job!
  3. You look beautiful! This is one gorgeous bag so many of you are lucky to have scored one at the outlet.
  4. Gorgeous, congratulations!
  5. I love this bag! Great find!!
  6. Ugh. Stop it!!! I'm so JEALOUS!
  7. Congrats! Bag twins! I love my ink maggie!
  8. Bag twins! Congrats on getting her at the outlet! WOW! She looks great on you! Enjoy-she truly is amazing!!!
  9. Gorgeous!! Love this bag! Congrats on finding one!
  10. Love it so much. You are so lucky and I am so envious :smile:. Enjoy her!!
  11. I love the houndstooth lining! Beautiful bag!
  12. GREAT COLOR! congrats.
  13. Yyyaayyy!! Congrats Alma!! Gorgeous!!
  14. I am so glad you got her....I can see it in your face how much you love her...Congrats and Enjoy....:yahoo:
  15. Beautiful!!! The Ink is just the best shade of blue! It looks so pretty with the brass hardware. Congratulations!