OMG....She is finally here.....

  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I can't believe it. AFter so long, finally I can lay my hands on it and touch it... Here is the sneak peek.. Promise, not a strip tease, not long...:woohoo::woohoo:
    kelly1.JPG kelly2.JPG
  2. Take it off allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll off!!
  3. :happydance::popcorn::party:
    Can't wait to see it!!!
  4. More......
  5. Here are the rest. The Kelly 35cm Orange color with Swift leather...:woohoo:
    kelly3.JPG kelly4.JPG kelly5.JPG
  6. Just gorgeous!! Congratulations!
  7. :drinkup:Many congrats on your beautiful new bag!
  8. Congratulations!!! I love orange!
  9. Thank you thank you. This is my first Kelly bag, I choose orange cause orange is Hermes color. I don't usually dress up so I choose swift leather since it is more causual looking. Wahhh,,it felt like dreaming and I didn't even dare to touch her. Is this normal reaction for a first time user of Hermes bag?:drool:
  10. That's a beauty!! Congratulations!!
  11. :dothewave::party::dothewave:


    That is lovely am so pleased for you I bet it must be so exciting
  12. I'd say so :yes:.....I know that's what I did
  13. Oh, WOW! Congratulations! Take her out on the town tonight!
  14. OHHHH WOW!!! LOVE her!! Congratulations! What a lovely Kelly. :heart:
  15. CC - Congrats on a GORGEOUS bag!!!!