OMG! She has more Birkins than Victoria Beckham

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  1. I can only say wow!! Are the Kellies all 25cm? They look really tiny.
  2. :nuts: Before I saw Hermes exotics I was never a big fan of croc etc but now I love them, especially matte...
  3. vERY VERY nice collection! and I am also envy her job. Manolo is the only shoes that my ugly feet can fit like gloves.

    Manolo and H bags! cheers!
  4. totally agree , it is really comfortable
  5. Wow that's a serious collection!!
  6. :drool: Must be a wonderful feeling waking up every morning to a closet like that.
  7. :wtf::nuts::faint:
  8. #9 Jul 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2009
    They are kelly pochettes. Kelly 25 is a normal kelly, smaller in size.

    There's more pics and the whole article I've posted in the thread. There're all together 5 rows. The 5th row at the bottom not shown.
  9. WOW!!! What a collection.
  10. I see, now it makes sense.
  11. WOW! That looked like a store shelf rather than a closet when I first saw the photo!
  12. MiaT: Any one of us would be fortunate to find a store that well stocked.
  13. TDF. I wouldn't have to ever leave my house if I had that closet! I could just walk in, take a look, and feel very giddy!
  14. Wow, that a fantastic collection. All those beautiful jewel colours!