OMG! She doesn't like her Cornflower City!


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Dec 5, 2005
My cousin bought her Cornflower City a few days ago and now she says she doesn't like it. GASP! :wacko: And even worse she doesn't think it's high end! :wacko: So I offered to give her my mini pleaty and a Koala wallet. I'm sitting here at the edge of my seat waiting for an answer... She should be back from the gym in an hour...

This is killing me! If she says yes, then I will now have an Ink City and a Cornflower City. What a great vacation this is!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: I can't wait to go back to NorCal to post pics..

Wish me luck ladies... Update soon
Was it matte and not too distressed as you requested?
I have to admit - I just bought one myself yesterday! I got it from the NY store too!:biggrin:
Post pics please!
oh how I wish I lived near a big city so I could get the experience of shopping for my purses!!! I always have to order them online....stupid NH. :sad:

My SA was Joseph, too -- though I didn't ask for him specifically. When I phoned them yesterday, a lady answered the call and I was ready to give my order right then and there! :nuts:
But then she told me she wasn't authorized to take my order or something like that and passed the phone to Joseph. He is very nice and helpful....
Have fun with the rest of your vacation!! You aren't missing much here - it is raining like cats and dogs and it's miserable outside! :sad2:
OMG! i can't believe your cousin!!! oh i'm so glad that you're jumping at the chance to add to your b-bag collection!!!! you'll love the cornflower blue!!!! but i can't believe you're willing to trade your koala wallet - thats LV right????

good luck and let us know!!!! weeeeee heeeeeee, b-bags!!!
That's crazy!! When I ordered my cornflower blue twiggy from NYC yesterday he said I was his second person that day from my small city in Washington State to order one and he was like what is going on with everyone in your state wanting Balenciaga?? I told him the Seattle Barneys is the only place that carries them and their selection isn't too good.