OMG!! Sexual Assault at my Son's School!!!

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    tonight before bed dh and i flipped to the news and he thought he saw our son's school, but the story was over. so we got online and did a search for it on the news website, and we didn't see anything. so he got on and tried again a little bit later...and he found it.

    Mom Claims 4th-Grade Daughter Was Assaulted By Classmate
    Last Edited: Wednesday, 14 Jan 2009, 6:00 PM CST Created: Wednesday, 14 Jan 2009, 5:52 PM CST Cy-Fair ISD's Moore Elementary FOX 26 News

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    HOUSTON -- A northwest Harris County woman claims a fourth-grade boy accused of sexually abusing her daughter at school should not be allowed back on campus.

    The mother says the boy returned Wednesday to Moore Elementary in the Cy-Fair School District, two months after the alleged abuse.

    Click here to see the full video story by FOX 26's Ford Atkinson.

    The mother says the boy put his hands under the girl's underwear twice in two separate classrooms on Nov. 10.

    In neither case did a teacher apparently see what happened.

    Investigators say the boy, who is 10 day shy of 10th birthday, is too young to prosecute under state law.

    A school district spokesman says under district policy, the boy will be kept separate and apart from the girl while on campus.

    so what has us hot under the collar is that the incident happened in NOVEMBER!! we were never informed of it, there was never a note, never a phone message...NOTHING! so i am sure that the principal is going to be hounded with emails and calls tomorrow after all the parents saw the broadcast. my dh just sent her one.

    i also can't believe that there is going to be NOTHING done to the boy. he is back in school. the mom of the little girl was told that they would be kept separate, but she said that she was at the school today and that she saw that their classes lined up in the hall right next to each other and then they went to the library together.

    the video states that there will be notes/emails sent home/out tomorrow stating that "no sexual assault happened on campus". i think that is a load of sh*t....they are trying to say that in those 10 days [seeing as how legally nothing can happen to him since he wasn't quite 10 yrs old] that he would have learned that touching a girl in her private areas is wrong and that it shouldn't be done...

    oh im not a happy parent at the moment!!!
  2. OMG. Wow. That is crazy. I would be sooooooo upset.
  3. News like this just makes me so sad and worried for my children. I would be blazing mad, too! Schools owe it to their community to offer full disclosure immediately when stuff like this happens.
  4. That is so scary, I can't believe the school isn't doing anything! I work in a school, and I can't imagine my administration handling a situation like that!
  5. See, I don't see how it would be appropriate for the school to notify everyone. Where's the sentiment, Innocent until proven guilty? He's a KID for crying out loud. And what would they say? 'Someone in school reported being touched inappropriately, but sorry we can't tell you who was involved." They HAVE to protect the privacy of the students - it's law.

    Yes, something should have been done, but parents do not need to be notified.

    As an aside... makes me wonder about this boy. children who act out are often being abused themselves and don't really KNOW that they shouldn't do it to others... know what I mean?

    Also, while this allegation is HUGE, my son got called down to the principal last year for 'touching' a girl sitting next to him. Once, when she was handing out papers he reached across the table to grab it and his arm brushed against her breast. Second time he dropped his pencil and the chair and when he leaned down to pick it up, he put his other hand on the seat of the chair next to him to steady himself (they shared tables with chairs) and when doing so touched the girls butt. NEITHER time was malicious. Neither time was he trying to "feel her up", but the girl was upset and told her mother who told the school and yes, if my son EVER touched another girl again, he would be expelled. WTF???? I gues there is always the thought, well, he was "pretending" to just brush against her or pick up something off the floor just to get the chance to touch the girl inappropriately, but that's not what appears to have happened and of course, no one saw it, so what does the school do? The girl was not abused and the principal on the phone with me was really apologetic, but they have to take such complaints seriously... Now, can you IMAGINE if a note would have gone out to parents with those allegations? Boy touches girls breasts and buttocks. My son was SOOOOOO upset and it really hit him hard. And how do you ever prevent ever knocking into someone (and he is such a klutz)? He was terrified he would accidentally bump into a girl in the hallway and get expelled... ridiculous, but the girl in question felt she was being violated... they had to respond. Fortunately, the teacher separated them and nothing happened the rest of the year, but OMG!!!
  6. What the school should have done is sent out a flyer about sexual assaults in general without having it mentioning the incident so that families have the discussion and can hopefully prevent other incidents (or alert them to other incidents).
  7. ^^ i didn't want a full drawn out explanation of what happened, but like you said a note about inappropriate touching and how to handle it would have been nice.

    and i don't think it was an accident that he allegedly put his hand in her pants 2 different times in different classes...and accidental touch may happen, and in no way is that an assault.
  8. I'm not saying you did want 'names' but I bet a lot of parents would. The school yes, should have sent home a note (and probably always should) and I agree, what happened (or allegedly happened) was an assault - that seems pretty clear cut, but there is a very, very fuzzy line much of the time.

    Actually, the teacher in my son's class said reports like my son's incident happened almost every year after FLE (sex ed) because the students get taught about sexual assault and inappropriate touch and so on and that girls as they are getting more self conscious about their bodies tend to get overly/hyper sensitive about even accidental touch (kind of that self-centered age too - everything is about THEM.. so, while even when she might think and know it was an accident, the next thought is, "even though it was an accident, OMG, now he knows I wear a bra and knows what my breasts feel like - Ew... that makes me feel gross and violated). I kind of remember that thinking myself!

    I worry about that boy in your school as much as I do the girl... a 10 year old boy should not be thinking sexually yet, so what is going on in his home/sitter/church/club?
  9. right, i wonder why in the world a 10 yr old boy would be putting his hands down a little girls pants. i know that sex is, music, games...etc. but a 10 yr old??
  10. :cursing:I found this story to be really shocking because I have two children that attend this elementary school! My son was a victim of a young man touching him on the playground of this school infront of more than one teacher and assistant teacher and they didn't tell me until after they questioned him and put him on the bus for home I was FURIOUS! They told me that I could notify the police or CPS(for the other child) if I wanted but they didn't themselves! I told them I didn't need permission and that the constable was on his way and I had already called CPS. I also was at the school the very next morning before my son went back. The other parent was not there at the meeting they had like 6 people in the room with tape recorders trying to convince me to keep it "hushed and not tell anyone else". Sorry but I think knowledge is power and I was not and am not ashamed of what happened to my son! How are any of us to give our kids an opening to tell us something that could have happened to them by this child if we have no knowledge of the possibility. I have kept my son there because he was in K. and the counselor I consulted said that if I moved him it would make the event stick out in his mind and may even make him take on fault. But I think that at a minimum a note should always be sent out with tips on how to present the opening and on innappropriate behavior!! This type of thing tells me that the supervision at this school hasn't improved at all. I cannot stand the principal at this school she is the most deceptive all about appearances type of person I have ever come across and she needs to be canned!!
  11. ^^WOW! i see that you are new here, or at least the name is. i was going to PM you but i can't. if what you stated is true then i am very concerned about the school....and CYFAIR is supposed to be one of the best school districts...HAH!
  12. I am new to this forum actually I registered to comment on this thread because it really rings close to home for me. I have watched and listen so closely and I have taught my children vigilance but OMG! The principal is AWFUL. Last year a 4th grade teacher quit mid-year because she would not intercede with a cussing hitting abusive child!! Then she covered up that whole, guy on the playground taking pictures of the kids thing!! She said it never happened when MY son was standing there when the guy got up and ran off! She is so afraid people are going to find out that stuff is happening on her watch that she is not taking care of our kids!
  13. when did all this happen??
    i am off to a doc's appt. so i will check back when i get kinda in shock right now.
  14. What in the world is going on in this 10 year old's life that he would do this at all! let alone on two separate occasions???!!! Parents should have been made aware that something like this has happened during school hours. They don't need to give names, but this is not something that can be swept under the rug and forgotten about. This was definitely not accidental! Deliberatly putting his hand in her pants is unacceptable.
    Nobody saw this? how were two children completely alone in a classroom without adult supervision??
  15. They weren't alone!! That is the really bad part!! I guess it is just social hour instead of supervising!