omg serious fraying!!

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  1. eww! I wonder how long it took for that frayed bag to get that bad. probably not long! good thing you sent yours back. :yes:

  2. in the ad its says she has had the bag for a little over a year:wtf:
    i sent her a message saying to send it back to coach and get store credit!
  3. I returned mine because I figured on some styles frying in inevitable...So with credit I both my first Carly. Chocolate Brown leather...
  4. ouch! I hope I never have that problem

  5. me too!!
  6. Oh no! That is scary.
  7. I had this problem (not as bad as this) on my Sig Stripe black and white tote after only having it a month, and not used that full time either. I was able to exchange it for another one at the time.
  8. I've had mine since August. No fraying so far, it looks brand new.