OMG Seller shipped me the wrong purse!

  1. :wtf: I won and paid for a Prada purse at the end of March. Its coming from Canada so I thought maybe it got held up somewhere. Today I get an e-mail from the seller telling me that she mailed me the wrong purse and mailed my purse to another buyer 'with a similiar address.' :cursing: Now she said the other buyer will send me my purse and asked me to forward her purse.

    I told her that I needed tracking info. on my purse and that she (the seller) has to pay for shipping. I think I should get the shipping $$ before I send it and my tracking info. for my purse first - maybe even wait for my purse. I paid with Paypal and a credit card so I think I'm covered, but I just needed to rant!

    This purse is a present for my sister and I just hope it eventually shows up. (Now I'm also a little nervous about authenticity, but I'll know when I see it). :push:
  2. That's a pain in the A$$! You should definitely get paid to ship! It's her mistake, not yours! Good Luck!
  3. Crap! I just checked her completed listing - there are four purses, one is mine and for the other three the seller has already left positive feedback! This doesn't look good....Although the purse was about $100, I just can't imagine someone doing a scam for that amount.