OMG saw Specal Order items & my new purchase

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  1. I went to the Boca Raton Saks LV yesterday and picked up a small something (Mono Mini Pochette) and saw some special order items for sale that I've never seen IRL before. I really wish my camera phone battery didn't die so I could take some pics!:crybaby:

    OMG I am so excited about this first one:
    - Ostrich leather speedy 30 in red!!!:heart: I was scared to ask the price because that bag was soo beautiful and I'm sure wayyyyyyyyy out of my price range...although today I might just have to call back to check to ease my curiosity

    -2 SO embossed alligator wallets & 1 id holder
    -2 SO vernis red (old-red) bags: bucket bag (approx $2k) and another funny shape bag but don't recall the name.
    -Small LE bag with rhinestones all over-not quite sure of name but looked pretty

    Other items to note:
    -Marilyn bag w/pink embossed alligator trim
    -Tinkerbell coin purse yellow
    -Framboise heart coin purse (this is the only color they had in the heart- I asked!)
    -East/West bags
    -Polka Dots Besace
    -Cloud bags (forgot names but the huge one & the hobo style)
  2. wow, sounds amazing! i need to get myself to an LV store and see this for myself !!!
  3. Sounds good!
  4. wow! sounds like they have some pretty bags! i wish i could go there but i think i need to go on a ban for awhile!
  5. I'd love to see that Ostrich speedy!
  6. Good update and thanks for sharing!
  7. oh wow. ostrich speedy. i would have collapsed in shock. was it really stunning?
  8. find out that ostrich speedy price!!! lol
  9. sounds great!!
  10. Ostrich speedy! That sounds amazing! Does anyone know which bag the rhinestone one may be? Just curious as I love the Le Extr. clutch from 04 or 05, perhaps it is that one as one of these was recently spotted in the NYC Saks.

  11. Do you have a picture of the bag? If so I could ID it, I think it was a small cream color shoulder bag with rhinestones & stuff on it
  12. congrats! LV and alligator:drool:
  13. WOW sounds amazing!
  14. I saw those two alligator "wallets" (pocket agendas, actually) in Madrid! If the ones you saw were those, they're just PERFECT! The ones I saw were men's tho...
  15. wow ostrich speedy! It is probably like a million dollars ! :smile: