OMG!!!!! Santa Came back!!!!! (photos)


Which one should I keep???

  1. Red Epi Madeleine PM

  2. Pomme Vernis Rosewood

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  1. As I posted the other day Santa brought me a red Epi Madeleine PM that I have been wanting since it came out. Well, I was at LV the next day and I fell in love with the Rosewood in Pomme. Since they are almost the same bag but different material. Which one should I keep?

    Here are photos of both



    And here they are side by side

  2. Rosewood
  3. Both are really gorgeous and I would love to have either.

    However, if I'd had to keep one .... I'd keep the Pomme Rosewood.
  4. Epi Madeleine PM....she's sexy
  5. I vote for the Epi.
  6. I voted for the epi. Maybe you can get the rosewood in amarante?:graucho:
  7. I like the Epi best.
  8. epi.. more classy
  9. pomme for sure!
  10. I know this is pretty self-interested, but I vote for the Rosewood because I want to get the Mad :graucho:

    But seriously, I like the Rosewood better for you. It's hot!!!!
  11. wow it's a hard choice. Epi is less maintenance but rosewood in pomme d'amour is simply gorgeous!!! I would keep the vernis bag!
  12. i think you should keep the Rosewood, i personally hate the red epi:S especially this bag, it looks really "old-fashioned"
  13. Epi Madeleine PM
  14. Rosewood. Way sassier.
  15. Epi Madeleine PM.